Impossible to withdraw with HitBTC


Hi, I purchased Smartcash on HitBTC before I discovered that’s if it’s possible to exchange, this is not not possible to withdraw!!

They have a status page and WIthdraw is mentionned OFFLINE for Smartcash

Is HitBTC a scam ?

Have I been robbered ?


Yes, HitBTC disabled withdrawals some days ago. Unfortunately, HitBTC sometimes do that. You have not been robbed. HitBTC’s reputation is getting bad lately…
If you need to withdraw your smarts, you could for instance sell them for BTC, then sell those BTCs for LTCs (LTC have cheaper withdrawal fees than BTC), send those LTCs to an exchange with SmartCash (CryptoBridge or CoinExchange), sell your LTCs for Smarts. Then, you can send them to your wallet.


I’m with you on this… My coins have been stuck and cant be withdrawn. I was able to move it from the Trade Wallet to the Main Wallet, but I cannot get it off the exchange. I sent a support docket about 5 hours ago but so far no response. What worries me is they seem to have a habit of dragging this sort of thing out for a month or more. I don’t like leaving anything on that exchange for a day as its not safe. Very unprofessional as they should warn traders of the technical issues prior to them attempting to buy SMART.


Thanks for your answers. I bought SMART because I believe in this coin.
So I :

  • could re-convert them in other currency like ether and withdraw them, then re-convert the ether in SMART again but with another working exchange (in that case, I’ll take double fees)
  • can just wait to be able to withdraw directly from hitbtc but… a month or more??? This is so long


I think this is the best way, but the problem is there is absolutely no liquidity on CryptoBridge particularly for LiteCoin for some reason. I actually purchase some yesterday (only $1,000 worth) using LTC and it sat there over night getting all these tiny little crappy parcels. I think my $1,000 was too much for that tiny trading pair to handle… I’m too much of a whale! LOL

Imagine having to buy or liquidate 200,000 coins… Painful.


CryptoBridge does not accept an Ethereum / SMART pair so you have to use BTC (Bitcoin with expensive fees) or LTC (LiteCoin)… Go with LTC.

Seriously, we need a good peer 2 peer trading system so that people in the forums can just trade with each other. Go look at Local Coin Swap ( imagine if we could get listed on LCS then come here to a SmartCoin forum and find a miner or Smartnode operator who has coins listed for sale and buy off them directly using ethereum, or whatever. The coins are held in escrow by LCS and one we both deposit our coins we get our coins nice and fast and without big fees in the way.


I know LCS, I participated to their pre-ico :slight_smile: I think this will be a great exchange


If you sell your HitBTC Smarts for BTCs, sell those BTCs for LTCs, send those to another SmartCash exchange (CryptoBridge or CoinExchange), it is usually then better/faster to sell your LTCs for BTCs there than to sell them for Smarts.
If you decide to do it, check the price action of all respective pairs, as there’s a lot of trades. I usually got good trades, but it was in January/February.

Also, SmartCash should be listed on a new exchange around the time we will have a new wallet version. No official ETA, but I think 1-3 months is a reasonable timespan.


Yeah… our volume is low lately :frowning:

As I wrote in my previous post, I usually went to sell my LTCs for BTCs before trading them for Smarts to get a faster deal.


I finally succeed to withdraw all my money from the HitBTC scam, this was sooooo complicated… I have exchanged my SmartCash (impossible to withdraw) with BitcoinCash, but this wasn’t possible in one operation so I had to make it 4 times to convert all, with fees for each. Next, It was not possible to transfert towards BarterDEX because there exist 2 differents formats of BCH adresses, and each site didn’t show the same version for transfert so I had to find a webpage able to convert my adress into recent format, and only then It worked… fuuuu NEVER USE HitBTC, this crappy exchange is dihonest as possible. You should even not show their name on your site.

Even considerating the lowering values actually, my initial 400€ became 300€ thanks to these robbers… So I was willing to convert the BCH I got into SmatCash, and stop the bleeding, my goal nearly reached.

Another surprise awaited me, BarterDEX doesn’t keep SmartCash and ask for the official wallet so I installed it and then it says that 36 weeks of synchro are needed…lol this is a joke alright ?



By the way, if you encounter any problems with syncing, check out this guide.

To sum up:

You can use the bootstrap, or just download the smartcash.conf template file and add the following line to it: maxconnections=1


I was a community manager in an ICO that had it’s coin delisted from HitBTC without prior warning or talk to our team, we had to rush to get our users to withdraw before it was disabled.
So, if that is a scam or not, I refrain from giving an opinion, but it has a bad reputation for me personally, so I avoid it, which is sad, because I want to buy more smartcash and with the thin order books it is a good idea to spread the buys between exchanges, so it is one less exchange to buy from…


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