Increase community reach, education and involvement in official Telegram Brasil group


Hi all, please find my pre-proposal below, I’d appreciate feedback. Tks.

Amount: 60000 SmartCash
Timeline: 30 days
Total Hours expected for project to complete: 60 hours (2 hours per day)
Proposal Goal: Increase community reach, education and involvement in official Telegram Brasil group

Who Am I?
Hi my name is John D. Rowell, and I’m one of the admins for the SmartCash Brasil Telegram group (see participation stats at I’m also a developer and made available the @BCStakingBot for tracking Bitcoin Confidential stake rewards.

Deliverables/Job description of the proposal.
From my participation in the SmartCash community, and at least a dozen others, it has become clear that there is a lot of confusion in terms of what these projects are. Many people think that cryptocurrencies are a “get rich quick” deal, and that if they invest a little bit of money by buying coins/tokens they are supposed to get huge short term returns. Very few people use their SmartCash for payments at all (they just hodl or play with it in exchanges), and don’t even understand the problems that it solves. This creates a divisive environment, especially when the market value goes down.
My idea for community education and involvement is to offer a daily puzzle that will have a 1000 SMART prize. This will be a faily hard puzzle, which needs some effort to research and solve (at least 15 minutes). For instance, it could be a sequence of steps that will results is a seed that can be used to import a wallet that contains the 1000 SMARTs. This way the winner must show his proof of work, and also learn how a seed really works, how to use it in a SmartCash wallet, and how to transfer the funds out to his/her own wallet.
Other puzzles could involve paying for a product or service with SmartCash. The main idea is that if people actually use SmartCash to pay for things, or transfer funds, they will realize how well it works (IMHO much better than most/all top market cap coins), and use it more often, to take advantage of fast transactions, low fees, security, and independence from third parties.
To prevent this from being seen as a giveaway and to compensate for my time spent in creating and applying these puzzles in the group, I will also receive 1000 SMART per puzzle.
Here are the main conditions for this proposal:

  • Offer 1 puzzle per day for 30 days
  • Interact with the community by introducing the puzzle and the prize
  • Verify that puzzles were solved and paid for, and track this is a public Google Docs spreadsheet
  • To improve fairness and transparency, other admins and SmartCash team/hive members are excluded from participation
    Payout schedule:
  • Proposal aproval: 20000 SMART
  • After 15 puzzles are paid: 20000 SMART
  • After all puzzles are paid: 20000 SMART

My Current/Past SmartCash related experience.
I’ve started using SmartCash in Oct/2018, after I got a few coins for free. I proceeded to invest, and setup about a dozen SmartNodes (10K). I currently have a single 100K SmartNode and hang out at 4 SmartCash related Telegram groups (and sometimes on Discord).

I hope that this proposal is viewed as a fair value to the community. I would love to see more of these lower value proposals being presented for voting, as I think it is easier to justify them, and to get true added value from them for the project.