Increased Reward for Miners Who Also Run SmartNodes?


Fellow Miners and Nodesters, I’ll be honest, I may need some help on fine tuning this proposal. If it’s even worth fine-tuning.

But here’s the main point-

If miners are important to SMARTCASH, would it make sense to increase the reward for mining but only increase it for those than simultaneously mine and operate SmartNodes?

With that said- IT’S VERY EASY to point my mining rigs at any coin and mine away. If you mine Crypto, you’re probably like me and try to mine the most profitable coins…SMART, currently, is NOT one of them.

Please keep reading…

First, I don’t really have time to crunch the numbers and/or simulate various scenarios of how this proposal would work and function. Hell, I don’t even know how important mining is to Smartcash since we also use SmartNodes.

But people are still mining SMART for some reason???

My rigs are NOT mining SMART, but I have mined SMART in the past.

I do have 5 SmartNodes and even though they really don’t make a lot of profit at current prices and times I have faith in the SmartHive Community.

So is there any reason to attract more miners by increasing their rewards if the also run Nodes?

I look forward to you comments. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: