Instant pay active? why do we have SmartNodes?


Hi, is instant pay already active and how does it work?
if it isn’t active yet why are we paying renting/electricity cost for 14,000 nodes?


It will be active in 1.2. It takes time to build up a node network. Started out at only a few thousand. 1.2 is launching before July 25th.

Also, this supports SmartCard some as well.

There are some node networks that don’t even have a focus on merchant payments. At least this one has some synergy between SmartCard and the merchant focus.


so those nodes are running atm just so there is a network of nodes ready for when instant pay is ready,
and possibly also to see if the node network works correctly and to fix any problems?

those are the reasons I can see.


There’s some truth to the “it’s a phase” argument. This feature was on testnet with about 100 nodes, but issues came up that weren’t apparent then. Also, issues come up with 14,000 nodes vs the 3,000 or so Dash nodes that uses the same code and which has been running for years.

It makes sense to launch tech in phases so each underlying infrastructure can be corrected as needed. 1.2 has significant updates to the node code which wouldn’t have been noticed properly if it wasn’t on the mainnet.

It’s a “feature waiting to be activated” in a sense.