Integrating Native Developers Into The Smartcash Ecosystem Through Hackathon


Building softwares for the African ecosystem of SMARTCASH.

My name is Kingsford Yankson cryptocurrency enthusiasts and an ambassador for smartcash known on discord as @yankdiary.

After the failure of the first proposal, " Building software for the Africa ecosystem of SmartCash", some community members contacted me to bring up the proposal again since the idea behind the proposal was good and can aid in the massive adoption of SmartCash in Africa. Some concerns raised by some community members was that the proposal was not well elaborated for easy understanding in which led to its failure. This is a vivid and restructured proposal of the previous one. We realize that there is a gap between native developers in Africa and blockchain technology (cryptocurrency). For technology like SmartCash whose competency lies on innovative ideas and new technology, we therefore saw that there is the need to bridge that gap.Thinking of what to do we decided to organize a hackathon with workshop and extensive education to integrate this native developers into the ecosystem of SmartCash. We also realize that massive adoption can be achieved in different ways and in different regions taking into consideration the system of transaction pratice in that particular region. For instance the likes of card (debitcard, mastet, smartcard)etc, have contributed well in the massive adoption of SmartCash in Europe and America but when this same system is applied in Africa it won’t yield any result. This is why we want to organize this competition to bring native developers on board who will create softwares to integrate the SmartCash into the way of life of the people (economic culture) but not telling them to abandoned theirs completely. That is, we seeking to bring developers onboard to generate and brainstorm ideas that will integrate how the people of Africans spend, save and make day to day fiat transaction into Smartcash ecosystem system. For example, in Ghana over 80% of the total population deals with mobile banking and transaction and so if a software is been created to include smartcash in this mobile banking which will make it easy for smartcash users to do transaction day in and day out, then we are not far from achieving massive adoption and usage of smartcash in Ghana.

The adoption of crytocurrency in Africa seem different from other parts of the world and other continent. The kind of software and marketing ideas that work well in Other parts of the world may seem not to function well down here. This project seeks to promote smartcash ecosystem and technology and also to bring new computer engineers, software developers, programmers and other stakeholders to build new softwares to help move the massive adoption in Africa at a faster pace. For those of as who are not familiar with hackathon, is an event where a group of individuals gather for 24-48 hours to build projects from start to finish to be submitted for judging and prizes. Hackathon events are typically free to attend, with all necessary transportation, venues, chairs, tables, food, electricity, etc. funded by sponsors. Typically sponsors are TECH companies that use the opportunity to circulate their brand with students,organizations, corporate bodies and the general public to seek out hiring candidates, and to encourage innovations. Frequently, sponsors also offer prizes for the best use of their API

How we will do it.
We (my team and I) aim to organize competition for the developers. We are expecting not more than 50 developers and they will be competing for a price in SmartCash

The judges for the competition will be pioneers for smartcash Africa and other Outstanding developers in Africa.

Email and letters have been sent to the various software developers in Ghana and Head of department of the various IT universities to let outstanding developers students to also partake in the competition. The letters were sent to them with the theme of the competition attached to it. This will enable the developers for the competition to get prepare with their innovative ideas to execute.

The theme for this Hackathon is “consumer finance​.” We are challenging them to think of some glaring problem in the consumer finance in Africa that can be solved using blockchain technology.

For example, perhaps you want to fix peer-to-peer lending or create a way for individuals to fund each others’ mortgages, instead of banks. Or maybe you want to revolutionize how auto loans work using the blockchain technology.

You can build an App that uses blockchain technology to solve a problem in any area of consumer finance in Africa but the problem you choose to solve is up to you!

The competition will be integrated with a series of talks, workshops and advice on challenges related with the smartcash platform in Africa, this will be related to integrate new ideas and hacks in the SmartCash platform. This workshop and talk is to enlighten the developers about SmartCash and also educates them on technical manner.
This Hackathon will be smartcash branded completely, all participants will receive swag from smartcash with all event and staff wearing the logo of Smartcash.

After the competition teams will show their projects to each other and the judges. They are strongly encouraged to present a demo of what they have built. Pitch or presentation are also encouraged. But they will not be judge base on the quality of the pitch but base on what you have built even if broken or you weren’t able to finish. Completion is only one part of the criteria, they must also present a demo, that is very necessary. Remember, hacking is about building and learning not about selling.

Key Deliverables
Give awareness about the development needs for the SmartCash ecosystem in Africa.

Evangelizing developers about the SmartCash project in general and its key learnings to generate impact

Generate important hackers for the SmartCash community

Have fun with hacking in the SmartCash platform

Discover new integrations and development opportunities

Open the SmartCash development in general to the local community

Friday 6 PM to Saturday 8:00 PM
6:00 PM Registration
7:00 PM Opening
8:00 PM Conference 1
9:00 PM Workshop 1
10:00 PM Dinner
11:00 PM Workshop 2
12:00 PM Workshop 3

8:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Mentors Panel
11:00 AM Workshop 4
1:00 PM Mentors Panel
4:00 PM Hacks Registration
5:00 PM Hacks Presentation
6:00 PM Hacks Judging
7:00 PM Winners Announcement Awards
8:00 PM Closing Ceremony


I T students
Computer engineers
Graphic designers
General public
Software developers


Workshops - This would be a series of preparation talks given to the teams that will be participating on the Hackathon, with technical specs.

Hackathon - Programming session will go from x to y pm. Teams will be assembled and coding sessions will go on for the remainder of the day.

Award session - Closing of the event as well as evaluation of the code from Judges and final award to the teams.

Judging session - This will be a space to have the core developers to Judge and participate in the judging session. They will be key part of the winners decision.

Judging criteria for the competition

How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Did the technology involved make you go “Wow”?

Does the project has a realistic chance of being implemented by partners? Is the idea scalable and applicable to more industries? Is it realistic to further develop the project?

Is your project creative, new and innovative? Is it something we already know or is the idea disruptive?

How is the design and user experience of your project? Is it easy to understand and use?

Can you amaze the judges with new use-cases, big opportunities or surprises? How much did you achieve during the competition

Objective (in business term)
The ROI is very great and enormous to smartcash and its community in Africa at large. Developers will be motivated to code in their own language. The benefits to Smartcash are:

Developer Engagement
The competition will build a bridge to the developer community.
For cryptocurrency like Smartcash whose competencies lie in providing technology solutions, this competition help establish two-way conversations between those that develop the technology (APIs, APKs, data sets etc) and the people that use them. This feedback loop increases developer adoption, which is crucial if solutions are to proliferate across new channels.

Corporate Branding
Associating your brand with a competition like this can change the public’s perception of your brand and help acquire developer mindshare. Hosting a competition or getting involved as a sponsor is an efficient way to deliver more awareness about your coin to a prime, target audience – the maker community – and increase brand exposure in the tech world.

IP Development
This competition is great, not necessarily because the silver bullet will be found, but because participants may find something you never knew you were looking for. This may be using your software solutions to break into new markets or developing extensions that open up entire new customer bases.
In addition, participants often not only develop a prototype of an app but frequently its infrastructure as well. This competition can build a genuine business case for the submission that justifies and facilitates further development and investment in the team that provided the solution.

As project-based challenges, this competition come closest to testing a candidate’s capabilities of handling challenges in the workplace.
With software developers and data scientists in high demand, it’s challenging for companies to gain exposure, garner interest and determine the best talent. This competition can address both challenges. It will enable the SmartCash community to gain awareness in the developer community and are perceived as “hacker-friendly”. This helps attract top talent and once the candidates apply, they have at least one project under their belt and have proven to be passionate enough about their work to spend a weekend with little to no sleep. With this, looking for software developers to create software for the ecosystem of smartcash in the future will be simple.

Justification (success criteria)
Videos and pictures will be sent to the various community of smartcash during when the competition is ongoing. There will be live streaming of the competition on facebook and twitter.
Developers who will show outstanding performance will be introduced to the Smartcash community for further collaborations with other developers of Smartcash.
All code will be uploaded to GITHUB or other public sources for future references.

Communication strategy
I’m on Discord, Facebook, Twitter and SmartCash forum as @Yankdiary is my current, active and personal email.


Venue : Renting the venue will need to have AC and good lighting and space with electrical cable to plug in and get wifi. Routers and Wifi equipment will be needed for networking. We will allocate a budget for 50 people
Prizes: $500 will be given to the winner and souvenirs will also be given to other teams.

Staff : People assisting the teams as well as helping with organization, design, subscriptions recordings and such. We think a staff of 3-5 people. With a budget of 350 USD.

Gear (screen, projectors, banners, etc): We want to make sure SmartCash branding is well represented on the event. We think on 2 smaller banners, bigger one and roll up banner will be enough.

Participant Kit: T-shirt, Pen, Bag , all SmartCash Branded
Also there will be radio/advertisements about the hackathon to also attract top talent and more people to the venue. With this as we are developing we are also doing marketing

Venue $600 for two days

Award for the winner $ 500

2 Software Developers and 2 data scientists + 5 Judges. $416

Refreshments $513

Banners $248

Photographer $115

Staff 3-5 people $350

Transportation within the region $360

Smartcash shirt, pen, stickers and bag $421

advertising the competition (Radio and Television) $319

Total $3842

My team and I aim at extending this project to other Africa countries. But since this is my first project I want to see my performance in this mini project before I roll in another one.
We aim at completing the SmartCash road map which state that developing local base multi currency wallet with trading abilities.


Looks like you have all your expenses nailed down. Why are you asking for $370 for Contingency?

Will the product developed with the winner be available to the community? Seems like that should be a requirement to disclose the code to the community in order to enter the contest.

Why not make the contest about what you can make that accepts SmartCash? Arcade game, coin laundry, soda machine, ticket machine, etc.

You could also offer something to start with. Like an Odroid XU4 or Raspberry Pi3 that can run a smartcash node or communicate with explorer or webwallet.


Thank you for your question. Sorry the contigency is $270.1 it was a mistake and with this question of yours has made me rectify it. Thank you once again! Concerning your second question, indeed the product developed by the winner will be available to the community mainly Ghana because that is what we intend to do which will lead to massive adoption and usage of smartcash . But since it is a competition based on the theme stated in the proposal "consumer finance " disclosing the code to the community will not enable us to get the diverse ideas of each developer because each developer is coming with its idea based on the theme given "consumer finance ". Also, since cryptocurrency hasn’t gain ground well in Ghana, the developers will be building software that will link the theme of the Hackathon. To give a gist of what will be happening, because we want to achieve massive adoption and more usage of smartcash in the daily transactions of Ghanaians, one of the softwares that will be developed is the smartcash mobile money banking, that is , including smartcash in the options of the mobile money banking in Ghana. This Wil make it like , it is not only those with that particular network like MTN or Tigo, that can do transaction using Mobile banking but since smartcash is included in it options it can also be use. This will greatly help in the massive adoption since Ghanaians are well abreast with it… other softwares will also be built based on the theme given in the proposal… As to what you mention above "Acade game, coin laundry, soda machine,ticket machine, etc.the natives are not well abreast with it and if introduced early will not lead to massive adoption and smartcash usage. Therefore we are starting with what they are familiar with now and when cryptocurrency gain more grounds in Ghana,smartcash to be specific which I’m confident about, the other softwares that the Americans and Europeans use will also be developed. Thank you


I think Solar was trying to ask this but maybe there was some misunderstanding. WIll the winners code be open source?


Yes please @Archerbullseye


Best regards! I like it, however, I think you should develop a little more the impact that your proposal will have in the media to make it more media, the rest I think is very good. Success!