Introduce Smartcash to a Large Audience of Pet Planet Crypto Gamers


The target is to advertise a store to a huge audience of crypto gamers. The platform i will be advertising in is the gaming user base is around 100k and gaining more user all over the world as the game progress and adds more features and minigames such as breeding,billards pool,fishing,poker tournaments and the main clash royal like battle system. The game is called Pet Planet , Pet Planet is a virtual world based on Ethereum blockchain technology! It is one of the first games in the world to use blockchain technology. At the moment the avg Pet Planet player spends about 10k USD to 400k USD on the game collecting pets.

In Pet Planet, you can buy beloved pets and run your own pet store to sell them. There are plenty more features coming soon that enable players to interact with fellow Pet Planet store owners.

Setup Shop for advertisement (1 Day to setup)
Let the store advertise SmartCash to a large gaming community across the globe

$1000 to purchase a store and create a custom banner that attracts users to SmartCash

Store Link and screenshots will be sent to the SmartCash Community.


Is there a representative to contact me for fund allocation ?


It’s a great idea that can make interested all PC, Xbox and gamers. Almost all of the them has few gaming system on board and having a single payment environment, that includes all the platforms looks really promising. As for me it’s really great tho :grin: