Introducing our new sister coin: BitcoinConfidential


In order to stay true to SmartCash’s initial project of being a privacy coin, the team has decided to develop a new coin, entirely focused on privacy. It will not be a fork of SmartCash, it will use Bitcoin code and will be a PoS coin. All SmartCash holder’s will get a 10:1 airdrop. Also, the team is exploring the possibility to encourage adoption, which may be via an Airdrop to Bitcoin and top altcoin hodlers.

Everyone is welcome to brainstorm ideas on our discord.

This will in no way undermine SmartCash’s development and future, which will continue to pursue merchant mass adoption.

BitcoinConfidential website:

Invite link to BitcoinConfidential Discord:

(Official announcement about BitcoinConfidential on Twitter:


Great news. Looking forward to more developments and updates on this. Thanks :slight_smile:


The idea for a new coin is good… But many Community members are unsatisfied about the Name and the design of the new Coin… for me it would be better if the design and Name would be similar like the Original SmartCash.


Are the costs of development of this new coin coming out of the treasury?


This new coin should name similar to the smartcash and not different name as it sound though is a good initiative


I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s funded from the Hive treasury. I’m sure somebody will be able to answer to that on Discord.


Is that 10 $smart to one $Bitcoinconfidence


1 Smart to 10 Bitcoin Confidential.


Estimated release date?


looking forward to this airdrop


hey i’m from jamaica and a holder of smart cash wanna touch base with you email me at wanna seee how i could help with your Campaign


Q3/Q4 2018, but yet TBA.


Is there any plans for Exchanges for this new coin?


Can’t wait to see it


For the time being, its at early development. I don’t know anything about BTCC listing, but I can’t imagine there’s no plans. So I’m quite sure the anwser to your question is yes. :slight_smile:


I like the idea of the coin but the name should have been somehow related to SmartCash.


People have been quite divided about the name, some like BTCC, others don’t. But as far as the name being related to SmartCash, there’s a fair point for avoiding that: anonymous coins are getting a hard time for the last months. For instance, Japan recently announced that it will simply ban them. So the idea was to create an anonymous coin (as anonymity was a core concern of SmartCash since the begining), but also to do it in a way that would not endanger SmartCash’s future in any way. Hence the different names.


Do you know where abouts what the supply number will range? They say they are giving BTCC at a 10:1?? That means 10 BTCC for every 1 Smart? If the supply, which will directly affect the price, is on the lower side and only the people who have Smart get BTCC that will be VERY SIGNIFICANT for Smart holders. But with a 10:1 ratio the supply has to be pretty high. Which is fine, just trying to get an idea what it will be…



I think the max supply is still in discussion. I’ve heard people talking about 50 billions, but it still is not determined. It will be a very high supply coin though.

As far as the airdrop goes, 1 SMART = 10 BTCC.

If you want more info, you can go to the BTCC discord, there’s an invite link in my first post.


If the airdrop is this year - how have you not got a working website up yet?