Invalid Vote Fix


I see several people have votes that are marked as invalid.
Does the ‘status’ update frequently on its own during ‘open vote’?
Or is it only when vote is placed?
I’d like to see everyone’s vote count.
Do they get notifications to fix it and how?


Invalid votes are votes from addresses which have outgoing transaction(s) after the vote is cast


Thanks for your reply. Do the ‘invalid’ votes still count?
If not, how is it fixed?
If so, why is status needed? > To alert there was a change? > If so, wouldn’t ‘change’ be better than ‘invalid’?
@Solarminer @JuicyG @Karl


An invalid vote does not count. The invalid status is a way to prevent multiple voting on a proposal (one would vote, send his SMARTs to another address, vote again, etc.)

If your vote is invalid, but you want your vote to count, I think you can vote again.


You can’t vote, send to another address, and vote again.

This is why it’s there.