Invest in the developing economies(Pakistan) and get a guaranteed return of more than 10% annually ( Do give your feedback on the mail address below)


Hello SmartCash Community,
My name is Gohar Iqbal and I’m from Pakistan. I have graduated from Lahore School of Economics with a degree in Accounting and Finance. In the 21st century, when there is a gradual increase in inflation and the interest rate, is at the lowest point. It is very difficult for any individual to invest the money where he/she can earn enough money so that he/ she may not have to work 7 to 10 hours a day. The best way to earn a passive income is by investing in developing countries where the GDP is growing rapidly. So, there are various opportunities for you to invest in. You can get a guaranteed return of approximately 13% annually. For example, Dolmen mall which is public listed REIT( Real Estate Investment Trust) paid 3.3% dividend to its shareholder quarterly. The website link is provided below.
Website link: 1
There is also term certificate which is issued by the government which pays 1% monthly return. Profit is paid on a monthly basis started from the date of purchase of the certificates. The website link is provided below.
There are also bonds which pay an interest of 13.25% annually and the coupon is paid semiannually. If you want to invest in the developing countries and grow with them then this is a good opportunity.
I’m more than happy to discuss this in detail if you are interested to invest. For any queries send your question to Regards.

Gohar Iqbal