Is it good for the community to get smartcash listed on major exchanges?



Have you studied what happens to the price of coins when they get listed to major exchanges?

Most of the time, a good quality coin, will increase in price so why don’t we use a LITTLE bit of the communities capital to get smartcash listed on for example binance?



I agree. Getting Smartcash listed on a major exchange is critical for future growth.


Thank you for your post.

I hear that the dev team is in contact with multiple exchanges but i don’t know any of the details.

I hope a lot of people agree on this so I can post a real poll for the community to vote.

Please send a lot of people to this topic.


Yea its very important for easier adoption of new users too,and to the value of the coin as a whole,so if we can do something about it to help SmartCash reach those exchanges we should do.


Yes we should get listed on bigger exchanges! Do you have any suggestions?


I suggest that one of the developers fills the form on kucoin exchange.

This exchange is great (i’m talking from my own experiences). Decent volume as well so it would be a great start.


In my opinion there is a need to be listed in bigger exchanges.
But I am not a fan of giving the exchange-owners millions of coins to be listed.
In the near future there will be more and more decentralized exchanges (like cryptobrigde) and the today leading exchanges will die. They don’t have a future.
So, it makes no sense to give them our coins.
Let’s wait a few weeks or even months to be listed in the upcoming decentralized exchanges.


I understand your reasoning but the coins are collecting dust right now. They are doing absolutely nothing and what’s the point of having so much money in the community when it isn’t surving any purpose?


I got you, but from my point of view, the teams are working very hard to let “our” smartcash become an important currency.
Just have a look on the roadmap 2018. There are so many features planned, that there will be a time exchanges will ask if it is possible for them working together with smartcash.
We are just at the beginning of smartcash. Cryptocurrencies in total become more and more popular.
I think healthy growth with the help of rewards and smartnodes inside the community is helping more than wild speculation on a market which can kill a coin.


Okay, just let’s agree to disagree because I firmly believe we should pay exchanges to get listed and you don’t. Nothing bad about different opinions.


Think of it as of an investment in the future. The longer it sits, the more power it gets. We’ll see. Great projects will be funded, the best ones.