Is it worth pool mining with a GTX970?


New to SmartCash, but excited about what I’ve read so far. Do you know roughly how many tokens I’d expect to get from pool mining with a GTX970? I’m currently mining Siacoin, but would like to make the switch! :slight_smile:


I’ve been mining on a 1080 and the payouts have been really low this week. I’m doing it to support the community and because I believe the price will rise, but if you want short term returns maybe not the best option.




Ok thanks. Do you know if there’s a minimum payout point? Eg you have to get to 500 SmartCash?


On the SmartCash pool the minimum payout you can set for the ‘Automatic Payout Threshold’ is 10 SmartCash coins.


10 smart is the threshold


if your getting 100mhs or more on the gtx970, then its worth swtiching from SC coin. SC isnt that profitible due to its poor price and there moving to ASIC, so rally behind smartcash, mine your first 1000 in a month hodl it and see smartrewards make up for the low hash rate, making SMART 2 ways, is more profitble, but not a short term thing, unless your version of short term is 2 -3 months, which you can then sell some hodl some and passive income is your game.


Sorry for the late response, but in case someone else is looking for this information, mining with the GTX970 is eminently feasible. I am running one machine with the GTX970 and I’m getting around 500MH/s on that card, which is not too bad if you do it for the fun of it and not necessarily for pure profit.