Is SmartCash CPU mining possible?


Is the hash rate between CPU & GPU just too great to even worth bothering? I couldn’t find a CPU based miner even if I tried, so I wouldn’t know…


@SmartSun I’ve tried some CPU miners for Keccak algorythm, though it looks like my laptop AMD CPU is too weak to find any share. If you have Intel i5 or better CPU, you may try this one (for Windows), it is working:

Also, I added a config file for Smart Cash, all you need to do is to put it in CPU miner folder and edit start.bat file inserting your values (follow readme.txt) :

How profitable will a PC windows 10 with 2 Giga Hertz CPU be a day?

@God Windows Defender reports the cpu miner zip file as a trojan


Lots of today’s mining software is suspicious for antivirus software. This is because there are many modern viruses that mine coins using resources of infected PCs. Still we have to be careful with mining software. We should see the discussions of forums and other resources in order to determine whether the soft is safe.

Use to see what different antiviruses think.

In this particular case Kaspersky reports:

is good enough for me.


Thanks, I’ll check it out