It's impossible to transfer smartcache from HitBtc to my wallet


Any update about this issue?


All main exchanges have to update their wallets before transfers can be resumed. Hopefully, we won’t to wait too long now, but we don’t have any ETA for now.


Thanks, I hope this will be before the th25


I hope so too. Two weeks to update should be enough. The SmartCash team is doing what it can, but things are in the hands of the exchanges. If you want to get information faster, keep an eye on the official SmartCash Twitter ( and Discord (invite link:


Any news from HitBTC?


Not yet.
Watch the news on the discord in the channel #announcements
Or on Twitter.


I opened a support ticket in HitBtc and the response was that it takes time, someone in SmartCash knows how long we will need to wait, it’s almost 2 months that more than 10K coins stack in HtBtc? :rage::rage::rage::rage:


It’s no use to open the ticket on HitBTC, they will only answer about their good will and nothing else. It’s a nonsense to wait almost 2 month to make withdrawal. We do ask SmartCash staff to interfere somehow on HitBTC in order to make us possible to withdraw our stuck coins. Never, never, never will use HitBTC again! :rage::rage::rage:


Having your funds locked in an exchange is a pain in the ass (this is one of the reasons we really need decentralized exchanges).

It was said some time ago that HitBTC would resume transfers soon, but it sure takes a hell of a time. If you don’t’ want to wait, you could try this (BTW, I’m no financial advisor,) :

1-Sell your smarts on HitBTC
2-With your new BTCs, buy LTCs
3-Transfer these LTCs Cryptobridge or Coinexchange
4-Buy smarts here
5-Withdraw to your wallet.

Even though BTC, ETH and LTC are rising in value compared to SMART now, the difference between the prices of SmartCash on HitBTC ($0.445153) and on Cryptobridge (0.282332) or Coinexchange (0.295928) should allow you to make a profit. You want to trade your new BTCs for LTCs as LTC withdrawal fees are much lower than BTC fees. The only problem is that trade volume is now low on HitBTC, which means that if you have a lot of smarts, your orders could take a lot of time, which could expose you to market fluctuation.
If you do have a lot of smarts on HitBTC and decide to proceede with the trades, don’t make big orders.


Well, this might be a good decision, but i have my smarts on HitBTC on main account and can’t move them into trading account since they don’t allow even inner transfers (at least last 2 weeks). So these smarts are totally frozen until HitBTC will release them. It seems there is no any other option except of waiting for HitBTC mercy :frowning: Hope they will resume transfers after Feb. 25 (waiting for smartrewards?) )))


I have my smarts on HitBTC on the main account and can’t move them into trading account since they don’t allow even inner transfers, so this is not a good idea!!!


I see the only possibility to get back stuck funds - if SmartCash devs (company representatives) will push HitBTC or suggest them their help, if they experience some technical problems. Maybe someone has information did the company suggest help to HitBTC in order to resolve this problem? What’s going on at all?!


That’s is really annoying. HitBTC was always the slowest exchange to update their wallet compared to others…
You will get to speak with SmartCash devs or admins faster if you go to Discord.


No one in SmartCash handle it :rage::rage::rage::rage:


I understand your disappointment, it’s a shitty situation to be in… But the ones at fault are people at HitBTC. All the other exchanges resumed transfers a while ago. I was simply advising to go check on Discord as admins and devs react faster over there…


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