Let's create a Communication Task Force


Hi guys,

I’ve been recently involved in an interesting talk with “Blockchainrelations” about a communication plan.

It made me realize that there’s some smarties that really want to get involved to improve Smartcash communication, and there’s also a lot of nice ideas coming from the smarties.

So I though: what about creating a “Communication Task Force” ?

Let’s go. Let’s create one!

The goal:
Create a complete communication plan proposal for Smartcash.

The how:
Gather smarties that want to really get involved in creating and implementing a communication plan.

The why:
Together we will benefit from our different skills and experiences, plus it will be less work for each of us.

So ?
Just comment on this topic to signal that you’re interested in being part of the Communication Task Force. Or share an idea that you have about Smartcash communication.

I’m pretty sure Blockchainrelations will be on board…

There’s also Hills-Bills and his crypto-course,
pethersmart and his facebook adds,
oucansmartcash and his Cancun entrepreneurs pilgrimage,
hockleyj and his SmartCash Steemit Guild & Footer Banner Campaign, plus his Twitter Header Image Campaign,
fiatluxx and his Venezuela Food + Marketing Campaign,
Cryptotraveler and his SmartCash Cryptocurrency & Entrepreneurship Weekend,
CryptoBrazil and his Social Media Monitoring,
ARAtechnology and his Smartcash promotion in Caracas
dan123 and his Marketing Pre-Proposal Idea…

And of course Frank1789 and his crazy 1 Million $ marketing proposal !

Plus many other more…
Smartcash has already amazing developers and techy guys such as controllinghand, let Smartcash get amazing communication team !

Put your comments below !

I'm tired of these technical issues

Some people asked me on discord what I meant by communication plan, so I’ll also answer here. It’s about finding what new group of user we want to target (old people, students, couples, businessmen…), what’s the best way to reach them (facebook, written paper, online newspaper, other…), execute our plan, and finally monitor results. Then restart. It’s more active than waiting for people to come on discord or forums.


Yes, I’m on board, as you suspected :slightly_smiling_face:.

Only comment is changing the how. Just because someone is a SmartCash advocate shouldn’t give them a high-level seat on, arguably, the most important aspect of future growth.


I knew that you’d enjoy this proposal :wink: Let’s see if we have other smarties interested in forming this Communication Task Force with us


Damn, no action here. I feel like everyone is suggesting his proposal without wanting to coordinate with other for now. I’ll continue talking about this idea and see what happens

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Hey mate, I’m genuinely pretty keen on being involved, and would love to be a part of this. I agree with your sentiments entirely surrounding the lack of communication and complete dilution of genuine concerns, questions and conversations by bickering and irrelevant topics.

Even if this came down to daily ‘summaries’ of each channel I think it would be of immense benefit for time-saving and clarification. For example, we could collate recurring concerns and questions that people have along with any answers given by the devs so that a) people won’t keep asking the same questions again and again only to be ignored amongst the waves of other conversation and b) to save the devs time (seeing as they are busy enough at the moment already) as they can answer any unanswered questions here in one place.

This may not necessarily be feasible - but just off the top of my head anything would be better than the current system in place at the moment.

Either way, let me know. I’d love to be on board!


Finally some action there ! Nice to hear that you’d like to join us CryptoKangaroo. Also, that’s interesting communication suggestions you have, I guess you’re replying to my post in Discord…

For now there’s still only Blockchainrelations and I in the “Communication Task Force” but that’s fine because it’s a very recent project :wink: We already started to talk about a common proposal and exchanged our views on this. Let’s talk about this is more details in PM and see what where we go from there !


I think is very important to have a Plan so we can all pull or push in the same way. I wan´t to help with this “Communication Task Force”, I´m a industrial engineer with a masters in MKT, also have been promoting blockchain and other Coins. But now, I´m realy interested in promting SmartCash (have a SN) and the growth of the comunity. Count with me.


Is this short for marketing?


I love this idea. lack of clear, spam free, communication channels has been one of my concerns surrounding the growth of smartcash. I’m not sure how I can help directly. I have an economics degree, work in healthcare, and have a very healthy understanding of blockchain technology. Even if I don’t become involved directly I am very pleased to see the topic of a communication team brought up


Well, this Communication Task Force is becoming something :wink:

I’m very pleased to see your message @coachDigi. We need some people with solid skills and experience to produce high quality communication.

@Aceofnone82, that’s true. Discord is useful but sometimes messy. What do you think about the forum ? It’s spam free, maybe not clear enough though. Depending of how much time you’d like to invest and spend with us, you can either just share ideas or take care of some part of the communication plan.

I’ll contact you 2 in PM so we set up something


I like the idea, especially if we can somehow bring in an element of community into this. It would be cool to have some sort of inbox for information to flow into, where any member of community could submit something he/she thought was relevant to the community as a whole. In particular, it would be nice to be able to put together information from the discord in a neat package that could be distributed easier. Maybe using steemit posts for example. I know that a large portion of people who are aware of/holding SMART don’t use discord for engaging with the community seeing as it is after all primarily a chat app that they prefer to use just for games. If we could just put together and ferry information from there, where a lot of activity goes on, to here and other easily accessible channels I’m sure it would do a lot for boosting people’s confidence in the project. In particular, getting statements from the devs themselves about any current goings-on and spreading that information would likely get rid of a lot of the FUD that bogs down places like the reddit page for example.

It would also be nice to have one or more community ambassador involved in this as well, since it would give us a voice of legitimacy and strengthen the community as a whole as a result. I think the lack of clear dev and community updates is one of the big things preventing this project from a wider acceptance at least within the crypto community. I too would love to help out, I don’t have any degrees or formal education per se but am quite good at digesting information and summarizing to make it easier for others to get caught up. Would love to help out any way I can, look forward to seeing where this ends up.

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@liborum thanks for your comment. Setting up an “idea box” and turning discord action into projects are certainly interesting ideas to develop. Also the one about the community ambassadors, even if I’m not sure what you have in mind… I’d be happy to hear more from you!

I’m sending you a PM so you can integrate our Task Force. We’re still at the beginning of it and any motivated smarty is welcomed


Hi Antonio,

I think what we need is better communication between developers and the community. Right now, the devs seem to be mostly active on Discord, so that other Smartcash communities are pretty much out of the loop. This includes this forum, as well as the Smartcash reddit.

If someone could coordinate with the devs and post updates in the biggest communities, that would be an enormous help as far as communication goes.

Examples for necessary updates are: the recent Smartnodes bug and its fixing, the Cryptopia issues and delisting, updates on what is being planned and worked on regarding exchange listings (Binance, especially), etc.


I would like to join this task force. I am a Smart Node investor and plan to setup a few more soon. I am a IT Consultant and have in depth knowledge of IT and how it can benefit the crypto market for people and businesses. I am also a TRX and Ripple investor. I am all in for SMART! I am willing to do whatever it takes to help SMART succeed. Let’s do this!



I just saw your message.

We’re having a call today at 5pm ET and there is a need for more involvement.

Others are welcome to join as well if they have a background in communications or bring other talents that will help us reach more people (grass roots, traditional strategies and non-traditional strategies).

With all the exciting posts on SmartCash’s Twitter about what is in development (and soon to be released), I’m convinced now is the time to start building an audience and getting more people familiar with the SmartCash name.


Hey @AJay @sysit01. I totally agree with @BlockchainRelations . Just jump in the slack group and even better if you can be there on the call !


By the way, we have changed the time to 6pm to better accommodate CryptoKangaroo.


Sounds good. Im out of town but will try my best to make the call. What’s the call in number?


I will private message you the info.