Lets get SMART listed at BITSO exchange (SMART/BTC, SMART/MXN)


Bitso has changed their listing policies and now they are accepting mail from coins representatives.
In their notes they state Currency listing (In spanish):

Principles to listing process
These general principles serve as a guide for the Currency Comitee to list and revoke currencies. The Committee will allow diverse projects to present their case and is composed by a diverse Bitso group. These principles are:

  1. Project Impact
  2. Team
  3. Liquidity
  4. Distribution and Transparency of the ledger
  5. Developer community and open source code
  6. Network security and test-net
  7. Safe storage
  8. Strategy, affordability and consistency
  9. Project innovation
  10. Legal status

SmartCash excel at most of these points. I am not sure how to contact the SmartCash team, but adding SMART to Bitso would be huge. Bitso one of the biggest exchanges in Latin America and allowing the exchange to MXN (fiat) will make a step forward into full SMART adoption, specially in Mexico.

Please SmartCash team, look into it we might get listed in a nice exchange.

As for Smart Members, pressure Bitso into listing us :wink:


excelente que Smartcash se listara en Bitso, creo que el detalle esta en que Bitso a complicado aceptar nuevas coins, tengo entendido tiene muchas restricciones para listar nuevas monedas