Let's get the world excited about SmartCash


Hello SmartCash Comunity,

My name is Nathan Kaytar,

-I want to breathe life into this project with a marketing effort, unlike any ever attempted by this community.

A little background:

Starting in early 2017 a group of friends wanted to share their new-found
love for blockchain tech and the resulting cryptocurrencies.

This single group matured quickly and is now the fastest-growing group on FaceBook. Motivated by what we were doing many other soon followed, forming a collective of cryptocurrency groups. Today The CI Network is six groups strong and boasts nearly 1 million tech-savvy cryptocurrency users.

Our website - www.Uptrennd.com - The Home of Crypto
Welcome to a new-era social media platform.
Uptrennd stands on four foundational pillars: Freedom of Speech, Data Security, Equality of Opportunity and Distribution of Wealth. The founders of the Cryptocurrency Investing network developed and have released Beta cryptocurrency-focused Uptrennd - This social network is so much more than the current rollout of “decentralized” social networks. Rewards on Uptrennd are in direct correlation to inputted effort and not the number of coins you own. “For the first time, new investors and whales are on an even playing field.”

Next up is our highly acclaimed Cryptocurrency Investing Podcast. In this podcast, Jeff Kirdeikis discusses many hot topic cryptocurrency issues. The Cryptocurrency Investing Podcast has had many well-known guests and is ranked - #1 Podcasts on Spotify and Itunes when searching “Cryptocurrency Investing.”
Last on the list is the newest member of the CI network - The Crypto App - a cutting edge cryptocurrency multi-tool. From news to price tracking, home screen widgets and the ability the buy Cryptocurrency with a credit card, The Crypto App is the swiss army knife of crypto tools. thecrypto.app

The Plan:
By utilizing my network of community-focused organizations I purpose to start a 20-day viral marketing campaign.

  1. TWENTY days pinned post across the Entire Facebook Network of 890,000 Members
  2. TWENTY days at the top of the homepage of Uptrennd
  3. FOUR days of exclusive ads in The Crypto App ( ~ 1,600,000 Impressions )
  4. Two Push Notifications on The Crypto App to 800,000 people each time
  5. Two Interviews posted across FB, Uptrennd, Podcast
  6. TEN Promo Tweets on @Uptrennd Twitter
  7. 1,000,000 banner ad impressions on Uptrennd
  8. Three Written Reviews Posted to Uptrennd

With our professionally produced media campaign, The Cryptocurrency Investing network aims to awaken new interest by highlighting the immense value of the SmartCash community-centric economy.

I am working out quotes for similar services. I will update soon with the budget.

-Trying to get a feel for what the community thinks of this new initiative.

Please reach out @NathanKaytar Discord/Telegram