Limited Block Explorer... why?


Simple question…

Why is the SmartCash block explorer limited to the 100 most recent blocks?

Shouldn’t we be able to view the entire blockchain for transparency purposes?

Or, am I missing something?


@Kuya It’s a limitation of the current implementation.
You are however free to write any block number into the search bar, to get information about that block.
You are also able to run your own node (wallet), which will also give you access to query the entire blockchain.


@Kuya, It is too heavy to show it in a simple HTML. We have 199.000 blocks atm. Your browser would crash.


@ccodam I have the offline wallet (if that is what you are referring to), yet I see no way of querying or viewing the block chain

@enriquesouza The blockchain should not be too heavy to be displayed, it could simply be displayed using pagination. The browser will not crash. You are pulling 24 hours of the blockchain or 100 blocks per page.
I refer you to this BTC blockchain explorer as a typical example. Our block explorer should also have this capability.

Bitcoin Block Explorer

Thank you both for your comments.