Looking for Mining Guides?


Looking for Mining Guides?


@Decentralizd Is it posible to mine with my CPU? i am using windows 10.


Yea, but getting a block without a pool is going to be pretty rare occurrence as it goes based on hashing power.


So, is there any instructions for CPU mining ?


My linux dameon wallet not syncing. anyone with addnodes?




add to your config file or via the wallet console " addnode add " leave the qoutes out . it worked for me on linux, also note, you might need to restart the wallet once or twice, and expect it to take a while on linux for intial sync. id did on my VPS.


im trying to mine with the ccminer but cant seem to get it right. Am i supposed to create a new bat or cmd file? Im new to all of this and finding answers on smartcash mining seems difficult.


I will try this out, thank you


Good day all and hello.

Just a question.
I want to start mining with my NVIDIA GPU but the antivirus is flagging ccminer as a Malware and the sgminer works fine?

How can this be addressed ?