Lost Coins LOST Before New Wallet SyncING BETWEEN WINDOWS 32 VS 64 BITS?


Very excited about SMART and new to crypto, I mistakenly set up windows 32 wallet on my new desktop and then send about 1K SMART coin from Crypto bridge exchange. Then I realized that I should have installed windows 64 instead…Which is now done. Now, not sure how to get my private key to have control of these coins. But I do have my SMART RECEIVING address . Any way to solve this problem FROM SMART PEOPLE HOW THERE? Thanks!


Hi and welcome to the community!

Let’s try to check things out.

-Did you make a backup of your wallet.dat file before installing the win64 wallet?

-Did you install the win64 wallet over the win32 one ?

-Could you post your public receiving address here? We could check the transfer on the blockain (transfers from Crypto-Bridge can sometimes be slow).