MAC node wallet won't open after AV Scan


My MAC node wallet won’t open. I ran AV software (Avast and Malwarebytes) to get rid of some malware and my wallet won’t start. I think the AV removed some files that it thought was malware. I tried to back out the files that were quarantined, but could not get my wallet to open. The SCash MasterNode Wallet.dat file is still there, but I can’t start the wallet. I am running two Smart Nodes from on this node wallet. I am afraid to reload the software and locking myself out of 23K smart tokens. Please help.

  1. When you have wallet.dat backup don’t worry your coin will never lost
  2. in your case you can try to reinstall your smartcash wallet from there

in case it still did not work you can try to restore your backup file


Thanks for support. Reinstalling the node wallet worked. I did not have to restore the wallet.dat file at all. I have access to my wallet again :smile: