Made deposit from HitBTC


Hi, I’m new in crypto currency. Recently, i deposit SmartCash from HitBTC and it’s not showing up in my Wallet(web wallet). How long it would take to appear and are their any minimum value of coin in each transaction?

Below are the transaction. Hope for any help. Thanks.

I guess this is my wallet in SmartCash [Spending] SNfJonMCA8rUFLFk8S1hPau8nu8kvDDkzc


The hitbtc has withdraw problem which affects all the coins, so you better try cryptopia next time.


Update: 1.0.1:
Software 1.0.1 available on www.smartcash.cc1
We have just released hotfix 1.0.1 and the software is available for download from www.smartcash.cc1. This is a mandatory upgrade and we would be very grateful if you could upgrade your software immediately.
Mining Pools:
Our EU, US and Asia Mining pools are now back online.

Notifying Exchanges and Advice to Users:
We that we have taken every measure in informing all exchanges using SmartCash to upgrade to the latest 1.0.1 software. We would strongly advice you to refrain for sending any Smart to any exchanges until they upgrade.

WebWallet Back Online:
The SmartCash Online Web Wallet is back online.

We would like to thank you again for your support and patience during this time.
Please stay tuned on Discord for more updates from the SmartCash Team.

Please DO NOT use exchanges in regards to SmartCash until further notice, We are waiting for them to update their nodes to 1.0.1.

Thank You


how do we correctly update the wallet, so we dont lose keys, ect?


close wallet

Navigate to here


delete all the files from the wallet except the wallet.dat file

Download bootstrap and exact file into this location where your wallet file is.

Open wallet again see how you go.


on address given its 404 error, with https its invalid certificate then allowing temporary exception its 404


Sorry try again i had 6 in URL


error opening block database. So i select rebuild database, and it shows at 22 weeks behind, if i click “about smartcash” from wallet it shows version

Is this all right and how its supposed to work?

#9 is not 1.0.1
download latest wallet


Three days ago all exchange are into mandatory update. Check you balance now.


this ever get fixed? Sometimes it is human error and you forgot to hit link in email to confirm withdrawl. I know I have done it.


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