Meet up at Catholic University of Uruguay - UCU


Hi, my name is Gustavo Vazquez, I’m Professor of the Catholic University of Uruguay, of the Computing course. Crypto Enthusiast, I would like to create a strong SmartCash community in my country. …

Organize an event with about 200 students, about Cripto and especially about Smartcash. So that they can learn about cryptomoeda and the new economy and ecosystem.
I’m would talk about recent SmartCard and SmartPay upgrades and how to help the Smart community
I will talk about:
About the history of money
Learn about SmartCash.
What is a Cryptocurrency?
What is SmartCash?
What is SmarNode?
What is Rewards?
Its benefits
Community Projects
2018 SmartCash Roadmap
Questions and answers section. 10 minutes

Evangelize the students the advantages of digital cash.
Find students to the devs that could contribute with more elaborated projects thanks to the dev team.
Create a Uruguay community of Smartcash

Student of Computer Science, Administration, Economy and Professors of UCU

Meet Up Setempber 15th in UCU




This is a good proposal for Latin American expansion.


Great!. I would love to be able to start a community


You forgot to set the time in your banner


Thank you, corrected. It was also necessary to change the date of the event


So guys, do you guys think the proposal is good? I need approval to start moving to the Meetup.


Go ahead and submit it.


Great news today at a meeting with Directors of the Faculties of Business Administration and Economics, confirmed that encouraged students to attend the Meetup. With that I believe we can have more than 200 participants.
Also, UCU will make available its communication advice to take photos and news about the event.


hello Gustavo, I welcome your proposal, you could consider adding the realization of SmartCash flannels because they give more visibility to the activity and serve you for other future MeetUp.


Thank you, yes, I’m thinking about it. The costs are in the event operation item, which includes shirts, flannels and banner


I would suggest the shirt to be a little darker tone so the logo makes more contrast… SmartCash Uruguay!