Meetups and Videos for Latin America Season 3



Summary of Milestones and Goals achieved
This is a continuation of the Previously Approved Proposal “Videos and Social Media in Spanish for Latin America 2.0”

Hello Smarties,

I am Ignacio Figueroa aka @thewalk_er I live in Mexico, and I have been working in the SmartCash community for 10 months now, helping to spread the word about SmartCash in Latin America.

In the last 8 months I have been producing 50 informative videos, meetups, tutorials and interviews on several events in the Youtube Channel “SmartVlog”

Other activities include managing social media channels and community service to the new people.

Thanks to the community I have been traveling to several cities in Latin America, for Meetups, SmartCash event and for making interviews in the following cities.

  • Acapulco (Anarkapulco and Anarkaforko events)
  • Guadalajara, Mexico (Talent Land)
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Mexico City
  • Queretaro, Mexico
  • San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Caracas, Venezuela
  • Valencia, Venezuela
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Jaco, Costa Rica

I have helped to build the social media in Spanish starting from Mexico and exdending it to Latin America.

Facebook 1827 members
Twitter: 292 followers
Telegram:404 members

All this efforts have let us to create communities in every country visited, and increased substantially the presence of SmartCash in the Spanish speaking countries.

All these efforts have been possible by existing and new members which have supported me in the expansion of SmartCash.


Having a population of 650 Million people living in all Latin America, most of them are still new to this technology, the blockchain.

Spanish is the Second most used language in the world only after Mandarin by native speakers and communicating about SmartCash to all these population is a challenge.

So I am ready to continue this effort, now with the expansion to four more countries.

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Guatemala


The proposal includes the following but not limited to:

Video Production

• Continue with the production of SmartVlog YouTube Channel and deliverying 7 videos per month
• 50% of all the income from the previous proposal went directly on buying new equipment such as Professional Video Cameras, Audio Systems, wireless microphones, recorders, Lighting, Livestreaming Equipment, and Hardware for Post Production.
• Record the events, make the interviews and make livestreaming on social media.

•In every country visited to talk about SmartCash.
• To assist to every event in Mexico related with SmartCash to record and create the content for promotion.

Social Media

• To keep managing the Mexico Group for Facebook with a total of 1,826 community members.
• To keep Managing the Twitter account for Mexico and the WhatsApp group.
• Managing the community is a challenge since this has to be done in a very respectful way and giving a follow up on all the questions that might rise.
-A constant follow up on this social media is key for bringing more users to the platform.
-Answering the questions and connecting the people also to our official twitter account @scashofficial and the website
• Graphics Design needed for Facebook and Twitter
• Creation of Ads for Facebook and Twitter campaigns

4 Months, starting in September through December 2018
One country per month

Amount Breakdown

Video Production

  • 134 hours per month on pre-production, traveling, production and post-production.
    Price per hour $18.00 USD (it includes wages and equipment previously mentioned)
    Video Production= 134*18 =$2,412 USD (I have reduced the price on video production -18% from the previous proposal)

Air travel expenses per month =$1200 USD (One trip per month to a different country)

Hotel, food and local transportation $700 USD

Social Media Management
• 40 hours per month on social media management at $0 USD per hour

Subtotal $0 USD (This was a paid activity in the previous Proposal)

Meetups Giveaways
Faucets $500 USD (100 people, $5 USD each)

SubTotal $4,812 USD per month

Total $19,248 USD

Please note, that with the same amount approved previously I am adding 1 more video per month, charging $0 on Social Media Management and reduced the Video Production costs by -18%.

So offering more results at reduced price, and a very competitive budget, this is the way to maintain the trust in the community by giving more and contributing to this project.

Payments are due at the end of every month after deliverying the report.
Videos are uploaded as soon as are edited.
Social Media Management its run 7 days a week.

By voting YES on this proposal you are giving the opportunity to many to know about our project in Latin America.

As you can see in the first image, We are turning all Latin America into Yellow color.

Ignacio Figueroa
SmartCash Ambassador


Exelente propuesta !! Quiero ver a Costa Rica en ese proposal !!! Yeeww exelente trabajo Nacho saludos pura vida !!


Lo bueno tiene que continuar y en SmartCash_ Lecheria estamos muy contento, por tu trabajo, esperamos tener la dicha de recibir tu visita este año por aquí y aprender un poco mas de tus experiencias , saludos y mucho éxitos.


Muchos exitos ignacio! ha hacer comunidad en todos los rincones! Esperemos pronto estes de vuelta en Venezuela.


Hello, Ignacio, I hope and this proposal is approved, you deserve it, you have done a good job with your smartvlog channel and your travels and contributions in each community, thanks for the impulse to our smartcash community in valencia venezuela, we are waiting for you for another push. Thank you… Muchas gracias nuevamente. te esperamos para mas ayuda! seguire viendo tus videos y compartiéndolos con mis amigos en próximas reuniones.


Greetings Ignacio, very good work that you have been doing, your effort is being reflected in each of the communities that you have visited and also in others that we have seen your message through your social networks.

Pleased to support you to continue your work.


Thanks Adrian, very happy to continue working, I just upload the Proposal which now is in revision, so hopefully this can be active soon for voting.


Ok Community, the proposal is now live for voting, now please help me by voting YES.


Ignacio Figueroa