Merchant Adoption and Meetups in Costa Rica


Aloha @Everyone

Due to the success Gained on the last proposal and the constant feedback and support that I have to give to business and merchants I come back with a much more accurate idea on how to keep nurturing plus giving support to the actual merchants and off course getting more merchants to adopt SmartCash also keep momentum overall since I couldn’t finish the last proposal #223 because of too many changes from the Original proposal so I was only able to finish the first 2 milestones that’s another reason why I am doing another proposal and in this first month (of my proposal)I was able to register 7 business to the date, all those merchants need support and feedback in order to have presence and continue with the work that has been already done


Timeline: 2 months

Amount: 385.000k Smarts

Total Hours expected: 300 hours

Proposal Goal: Provide support for already signed merchants, keep registering new merchants, keep promoting SmartCash thru meetups nurture the Hive and make video content and documenting the process

Job description: In this new proposal I Will keep doing Meetups one Friday a month at the most 2 Meetups a month. Logistics for 20 attendees giveaways of Smarts for each person and some snacks and cold drinks for attending to the 45 minutes chat and 30 minutes Q&A for attendees as you know many questions arise when doing meetups

The Main and most important Job I will be doing is capturing, captivating and enrolling more MERCHANTS I can say that 4 Merchants a month is the Min. It takes time, effort, charisma and trust to persuade Merchants I have to visit them several times and keep track of emails and phone calls SMS texts etc… I believe that part of my success is because I have put a lot of charisma into it and I aimed specific business owned by surfers! Or the surfing community! We expect to be among other communities as well in order to expand the merchant adoption

I need support from 1 more person I will hire for every Meetup this person can become Ambassador in the Future and help me with the Giveaways opening new wallets and delivering merchandise to the attendees !! With this proposal, we would keep nurturing the already existing community of merchants signed from Jaco Walk
We could also do a special giveaway to New merchants who sign up on the web page . I still have remainings swag from the last proposal I could Print some brochure and put together a combo, for example, one bag with SmartCash accepted stickers one t-shirt with SmartCash logo or a Hat and wristbands for all employees plus a Smartcash Costa Rica sticker. So I would be giving support to all Merchants on the area that already signed up and also feedback, this means that I will personally train all employees at every NEW merchant store, restaurant, business or shop that joins during the Proposal this means making private meetups for bigger merchants or personal training to the business owners teach them the basics and how to cash out in case they need to go from crypto to Fiat and other tools they will need like the apps this is bilingual job because most business owners are from overseas either European or North American

Keep nurturing the Discord and Telegram Groups!
Now that SmartCash is already known in town I could film with good cameras and good audio and light. One video per month that would be edited and posted on Youtube Dtube and Vimeo also on Social Media such as Gab Steemit Minds Medium Reddit Facebook and Instagram

Mahalo and thanks for your time to read my pre-proposal!

please all inputs and ideas are welcome !!

here are Detailed budget expenses it still needs some backup but this is all the budget



It is great to have you back at the battle front working on bringing more merchants and nurturing the community in Costa Rica, this adds up and complements local efforts to gain more momentum. I will take a more detailed look on the pre proposal to give you better feedback!


pura vida thanks ¡¡ i am happy to be back !! I will work hard to gain more adoption !!


At which extent do you need to hire someone else? And wondering what if there is less of 20 participants at the meetups, what would you do with the giveaways? Hopefully the community here gives you feedback as well.


I need to hire someone because on the prior Meetups there were too many people too many questions AND I Couldn’t open accounts do the chat, the giveaways, the rest of the dynamics all by myself all at the same time I consider this is too much for 1 person, Meetups should be done at least by 2 persons. I Know that more than 20 people will come because most of all my other meetups surpassed 20 persons so in General 20 persons will be archived and if less than 20 persons show up I can give away the rest of the smarts among the private Meetups for merchants that means I will give the employees some smarts for testing the Point-If-Sale so in fact there are many ways to do Giveaways I could also make a marketing Giveaway on the social networks there is lots I could do to keep promoting in case the meetup doesn’t meet the 20 persons: smile:


I know from experience that it takes at least 2 people to serve 10 guests. While one gives the SmartCash talk, the other helps to download the wallets, take pictures and videos. As you can only make one transfer each block (55s), you need two people who are sending SmartCash to the guests. You can also use Coinomi, since you can send more than one transaction per block.


can you put the budget in USD? that´s how is done for the proposal.


thanks for your inputs !!:blush:


well i guess i am trying to set the example here !!