Missing coins from the balance!


I have a pool vanished somewhere 500-700 coins, where and why?

After updating the wallet went missing coins

You are not alone.
Check this thread Missing SmartCash Pool Account Balance?
And REcheck the LAST withdraws to your wallet (after upgrade wallet to v1.1.0). They can be lost too (((


And what kind of payment it is unclear where again left my money? All this is strange! + constantly hangs pool, for example, it was 50 coins, farm dripping a couple of hours, refreshes the page, and still 50 coins, the question is, what happened to the coins during this time?


You are absolutely right. Questions (for now) are more than answers.
And it is very sad.


SAME HAS HAPPENED TO ME! My balance was 1979 smart and now it’s only 1579 what happened?!


signup up here to audit your missing smarts, payment will be in the coming weeks.