My smart vault has been locked


I use android smartcash wallet and my smart vault has been locked! So i can’t s use it
How i can unlocked my vault


Please try to manage your coin via web browser at


Tnx for your response
I try but my coin is locked and i can’t send them


You can unlock your vault with your password, your Master Security Key


I can enter to my wallet but only smartcadh vault is locked orhers not and i can’t unlock it


I have a locked address. Hiow can i unloked it or send coin to other unlock address?


You can config the time delay for withdraw as bellow

You have to wait Time Duration before can send SMART from smartcash vault


About locket address on web wallet please read more here


Also please note after setup SmartVault
You will have to approve each withdrawal from the email account ( email address related with your web wallet account )


Time set is 48 hours but r it locks for a long time ago


Did you check your email and confirm the transactions?


I do not remember! May be. but i don’t find any email from smart


check Spam folder sometime email go to that folder


I checked there is any email


Is it possible to be e-mailed again?


Try to Withdraw again, system will re send email again


I can’t. my coin is locked. I can not doing any work


Please capture video step by step when you working in your web wallet account and share with me


How can i send mp4 format? Site don’t support