My smart vault has been locked


Did you check your email and confirm the transactions?


I do not remember! May be. but i don’t find any email from smart


check Spam folder sometime email go to that folder


I checked there is any email


Is it possible to be e-mailed again?


Try to Withdraw again, system will re send email again


I can’t. my coin is locked. I can not doing any work


Please capture video step by step when you working in your web wallet account and share with me


How can i send mp4 format? Site don’t support



As i talk before please use web wallet on browser ( example Chrome, Brave, …)

The old wallet sometime did not work as expect


  1. Login to
  2. Click SmartVault on the left menu ( layout on PC/Mac)
  3. Click Withdraw
  4. Check email to confirm ( double check on spam folder in case you did not see )


Thanks for your support


Excuse me
I didn’t get reward yet
How can i get rewards?


show me what your smartcash address did you did not receive smartreward


My smart reward address is empty
I want to know haw can i get rewards


Excuse me
they emailed me 2 days ago. But they don’t contact me for confirmation again. Why?


You need to approve the email and wait the time to release, maybe 3 days.


How can i approve this email?
This is just a news email.
They don’t send any confirmation email.