My smart vault has been locked


I do not remember! May be. but i don’t find any email from smart


check Spam folder sometime email go to that folder


I checked there is any email


Is it possible to be e-mailed again?


Try to Withdraw again, system will re send email again


I can’t. my coin is locked. I can not doing any work


Please capture video step by step when you working in your web wallet account and share with me


How can i send mp4 format? Site don’t support



As i talk before please use web wallet on browser ( example Chrome, Brave, …)

The old wallet sometime did not work as expect


  1. Login to
  2. Click SmartVault on the left menu ( layout on PC/Mac)
  3. Click Withdraw
  4. Check email to confirm ( double check on spam folder in case you did not see )


Thanks for your support


Excuse me
I didn’t get reward yet
How can i get rewards?


show me what your smartcash address did you did not receive smartreward


My smart reward address is empty
I want to know haw can i get rewards


Excuse me
they emailed me 2 days ago. But they don’t contact me for confirmation again. Why?


You need to approve the email and wait the time to release, maybe 3 days.


How can i approve this email?
This is just a news email.
They don’t send any confirmation email.


I am waiting to clarify, but I believe you don’t get your link that actually sends the withdraw until the lock period is up. We should give the option to cancel the withdraw on this first notification message. And the notification message should be made more clear.