Need to get SMART off 1.2.4


Hi, I left my SMART on 1.2.4 just staking on my laptop. I haven’t paid attention to it in 2 years and now need to transfer them to another computer as this laptop is dying. Please keep in mind, that this laptop can’t open the 1.2.4 because it will not have the space available to sync the blockchain. What is the best way to do this transfer?

  1. Stop wallet and backup your wallet.dat to the safe location
  2. Install new wallet on the new machine and restore wallet.dat file that you backup in step 1 to the new wallet

You can read the guide how to restore your wallet here


Thanks, how long should it take to install this new wallet? It has been installing for over two days now.


install new wallet are very quick, but sync with blockchain will take some time ( base on your machine and your network). Normal machine will only take some hours


Been installing for 3 days then it errored out.