Negative ROI on smart nodes


Is anyone else shutting down their smart nodes due to Negative ROI?

I got paid 22.18 SMART on my node which at it’s worth this second (.023797) is $0.527 cents… I paid $5 to keep the server up… so I’m losing $4.473 to have a node every month.


Monthly average payments is 366.61 SMART right now, as payments are every two days about.

You can see the calculator here to estimate:


Wow either you’re lucky or I am unlucky. I get paid once a month ~22 smart which is $.52


Are you in Discord where we can troubleshoot this more real time? It sounds like your node might be expiring or something.


This indeed is not normal. As Mark said, you should be getting around 366/month.


What VPS are you using?