Netflix Documentary "Zeitgeist Addendum"


I just watched the documentary named “Zeitgeist Addendum” on Netflix,

It talks about our global financial system and how it is controlled by a few individuals or organizations,making the world perish in this fraudulent system.

And shows solutions trough social global engagement,and a whole new system that is possible today,to make the world a better place for ever human being.

Very insteresting and necessary to watch.

Thats the website of the project/movement for a better society:

Tell me your thoughts and share with the locals if you like it. :slight_smile:


@GamBit.coin Would you say SmartCash incorporates the social global aspects required in a currency ?


As a currency? Yea,i think it have core aspects to fix a lot of flaws of the current system.

But would still be a currency and some problems that come with it would persist…Thank you for the reply