Never got my smart rewards from last month :((


Never got my smart rewards from last month and I’m pretty beat up about it :sleepy:


Hey man,

How come this happen?
Its my first month into this lovely coin so i will be eligible to receive smart rewards at next round, i will see if everything will be ok.
And dont be sad about it, I am sure that there is some explanation . And someone from admins will probably contact you, i hope that you will receive rewards soon…


@KeyNyata please share the details as in when did you move your SmartCash to your desktop wallet ? Date and time? Also, are you positive that there was no outgoing transaction/movement of your funds ( be it internally from one of your address to another) ?


Don’t use desktop wallet currently. I’m still on web wallet. And no outgoing anything I’ve just been holding which is why I don’t understand why I never got it :(:sleepy:


what is your smart address?


SU5sBGZVQJwCjtaAFSUanYkyoFMN4BhJTj I’m also missing funds from my balance! Why?! I had 1979 smart now I only have 1579



it shows you had received an award for the 1000 held in the november 25th snapshot on december 25th.

rewards were not missing.