New independent pool


The pool is down for maintenance.


At the very least, you should list on the website, how many workers are currently part of the pool so that people can get an idea if it’s interesting for them to join. From the info on the front page, it seems as if currently there’s only one worker.


Very well, that has now been added!


Cool, thanks. I may give it a try sometime this week. Do you have also some kind of a display where you can see how much my workers are earning, confirmed, unconfirmed, etc.?


That and design update will be done this week.


Right now, we are down to less than a day per block. If we can just get a couple more miners we will start seeing a steady flow of found blocks. :sunny:


Okay, I’ve added one of my workers to your pool. Curious to see how it goes. Do you have any info on your pool website showing the confirmed and unconfirmed earnings per worker?


Grettings! are you still working at this? there is somebody else to talking about this?


Please bring this pool back into work. Several FPGAs should arrive to me soon (I hope).


I stopped working on this due to lack of interest. I might start it again if I feel like it. Why are you interested?


I tired of mining XVG and I want to accumulate several thousands of Smartcash. That’s it! ))