New Official Mining Pools


Three new 0% fee official mining pools are now available for increased stability, reliability, and performance of the SmartCash blockchain network. No registration is required for miners; only a SmartCash address is required.

The new US mining pool is active and has confirmed over 3,250 blocks already.

The new Europe mining pool is now live and has confirmed over 100 blocks already.

The new Asia mining pool is now live and is currently finding blocks.

Miners with a balance on the old pools have two weeks to withdraw pending balances. Mining on the old US and EU pools will be stopped soon. Miners on the Asia pool have two weeks to transition to the new pool.

There is a mining pool bot on to track your stats and provide alerts. Message @MiningPoolBot or join #Mining on our Discord for information.


How do we do this? I have seen again and again that we are responsible for transferring our coins because of your inability to properly configure and run your systems. At this point i have been shorted at least 1000 coins if not 1500, impossible to tell since i cannot access the previous US mining pool where the data was stored, just get a 500 error.

So please answer the following

  1. Where do i go to find log information of all the coins i mined on your system to know exactly how many you owe me?

  2. How do i go about getting these coins?

  3. Why does SmartCash feel that since their developers were incapable of properly configuring and running a mining pool that the miners who keep you in business should be the ones to have to work extra to get what you owe us?

  4. Why should anyone continue mining this coin when you clearly don’t give to craps about the miners. It has been weeks since these issue first started and all we heard was a message on the pool login page that clearly stated “your hash rate and shares are safe”, was this a blatent lie by the devs to try and keep smartcash afloat at the cost of the miners while the developers who created the issue are not responsible for fixing it?

  5. Again when will i get my coins and actual log information showing that you did not rip me off


True , if there is no Access to the Pool Webpage you can not start a manual Payout Request

I had Access to the EU Pool and startet a Payout Request but since 2 Days i get no Payout , but there were some new Transactions today from last week it seems .

You already have one active manual payout request. -> thats said if i try to start the manual payout again

EDIT : I got my Payout from the EU Pool , Log In in the US Pool still not possible - no Connection, has refused Connection …


Currently the EU and US pools are processing back shares to accurately display balances. This will display an accurate balance when this process is complete, and the us-pool login will function again to let you see your history and initiate a manual withdrawal.


Congrats on the launch!


got my coins, nice, thanks


Please open a ticket at our support site if you are still missing pool payments. Please include which pool, your account name and ID, the payment ID, the destination SMART address, and the amount.

Additionally, there are a lot of coins sitting unclaimed on the old US and EU pools still, so please login and initiate manual payment if they are below your set threshold or you have automatic payments disabled.


As a reminder to all, you have until April 10th to move your mining and funds off of the old pools.Please login and do that as soon as possible.

If you have any issues with getting your funds off of the old pools, please open a support ticket or contact us here, on Discord, or Telegram.


Can anyone help me? I’m on the asia pool and my miner keeps stopping when the payout occurs and I have to manually start it up again. Becoming very annoying


That seems very odd indeed. I expect there is no connection between those two events. Try asking in discord:


Discord is being a pain in the ass i cant enter it as i keeps asking to claim a name that i have done onbe fore and tried on numerous occasions. Have given up on discord.
Thanks for the reply though.

There is a connection between the 2 because right on payout miner activity ceases.


Okay, I will relay the message. What is likely going on is that the frontend display stats are paused during payouts. The mining activity and accumulation of shares won’t actually pause though on the backend.


Ok thanks for that. I let it run after that for almost 12 hours with nothing being mined. Also left it for a couple of hours after payout checked mining hash rate still sat on 0.


Can you share with me the worker address and what mining pool you are using? I can ask them on Discord. Otherwise you can also ask in telegram:



I’m on the Asian pool


Buenos días llevo un tiempo intentando darme de alta en la pool pero no hay manera me dice que no es válida la dirección de SmartCash.
Veo que dices que no hay que dar de alta el minero, entonces como reconoce el minero en el archivo bat y qué contraseña le ponemos al mismo?.
Estoy algo liado.
No sé si la dirección tengo que confirmarla o no.
Un saludo.