New Pool 0 fees


Hi i made a pool at I was using smartcash since month one. The fee is 0% this will be used for future upgrades and server costs. We are adding things to the site a lot so if you has suggestion please give me a shout. Payout is every 2 minutes and minimum payout is 1 smartcash and may change when we get more hash rate. Right now the official Smartcash pools have 99% the hash rate so if people could join my that will help decentralization.
Thank you for your time and i hope you join.


Hey man, is there a easy simple way I can mine on my Macbook Pro without it causing much damage?



I believe on mac there are amd gpus you could use sg miner and set the gpu to the usage you want wether its 10% or 80%


The pool is unavailable. Why?


It is because i couldn’t longer support running it. Also Juicy banned me from the discord server for no apparent reason now for saying this i will be banned here which really doe suck. I honestly did nothing wrong i got in month one and supported the coin heavily for over 6 months or so. :stuck_out_tongue: i made a ton of steemit posts and guides also. I have no idea why i was banned. :stuck_out_tongue: which it sucks. I mean i even made a proposal and got screwed but i still supported the coin. Well see you juicyg will ban me soon which sucks i thought we were cool i guess not well times change. :stuck_out_tongue: i loved the coin when it wasn’t religious.


Why did it convert my text to emojis i hate emojis it doesn’t cova what i see it as. Cool. I think : P is cool


I asked to be unbanned only to be banned again from other places. Nice how they treat people from month 1 : (