No block source available - Coins stuck


Hey all, so I have a stupid issue. I recently bought some more smartcash on Hitbtc and sent them to my Smartcash wallet, but I am still on Mac desktop wallet 1.1… I think. The network is not synching because it says there is no block source available. I know I need to update the wallet, but I just want to make sure that before I do my coins will be safe. Hitbtc says that the transaction is confirmed and the coins are sent, but they have obviously not shown up in my wallet cause it wont sync.

Is it safe to update my wallet now, or will I lose all my coins if I do that? Any help is appreciated.


Anybody know? Should I update the wallet or will I just lose all my smarts? I mean, I know I already lost some smarts by making this stupid mistake, but you know, will I lose my smartcash?


Sorry you’re having issues.
Maybe you can find your answer or open a support ticket here:

Knowledge Base

Good Luck!


Hey thanks for the reply, I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: