No new proposal, No new Event, No pew Preproposal, Forum like to be inactive


A letter for Hive members,

A lots of people include me who like concurrency believe in smartcash, i wannt just send this short letter to Hive member to know why they think when like a year dont have any pre-proposal, Any proposal, any Event. So where is the % of fund allocated to proposal ? So i wanna know what they (Hive team) think about that ?


SmartCash team is actively working on the 1.3 Phoenix release, where will be added many significant features. You can find out more about it in this article:, as well as follow the updates on Twitter and Discord.

At the same time, the team is working on developing partnerships and listing on new exchanges. We are also working on a new project - BusyBee portal, where users can complete tasks and receive rewards for their efforts. This will allow to attract more users and focus on getting a new audience.

We welcome all users who have ideas and proposals that will be useful for the project. We will be glad to hear any ideas on Discord and Telegram, as well as see new proposals on the voting platform.


Nice i will look about this phoenix release, So in this release will they consider to change the way to give the money to proposal owner, So if the proposal pass the owner must have the money, so it not very good that they must to show receipt and to have it after.


It is very good question! Support!