No SmartReward for me?


I have had my SmartNode wallet eligible for rewards for this month, but I received no rewards?


Can you provide us the address please?


please post the address here, so we can all look at it together




Hi, I’ve had the same issue for the past 2 months. Can someone look into it for me too please?


You spend out smartcash on 2018-02-12 07:49:02
so no eligible to receive smartreward on Feb 25th
read more about smartreward here


You received smartreward (470 SMART on 2018-02-25 08:26:54


same here. no coins moved out of wallet from Jan 24 - Feb 24, and i dont have any coins deposited in acct. Sa9VquvTXwAVgFVBSW6dnbYfeKJFVBfHSQ


The balance has to be at least 1000 Smarts to be eligible for SmartRewards.


Sa9VquvTXwAVgFVBSW6dnbYfeKJFVBfHSQ, I have had 1010 coins in my wallet since 1/18/2018 and did not receive smart rewards on 2/24/18 snapshot. Wallet is desktop wallet and i just updated to 1.1.1 but still nothing.

what gives


Then why your balance is shown as 335 SMARTs?


Id like some assistance to figure out how to resolve this because my desktop wallet is synced and showing a balance of 1010. But the ledger is not showing the same amounts on your end


I’m not from the team.
Maybe @hoangton or @Somnium know who to address the issue to? Also you may find online support on Discord:


@Jimmyrobo look at this
You spend out on 2018-01-17 05:31:38 so not eligible for smartreward


Hoangton. I am requesting your assistance now because my desktop wallet ledger does not match your blockchain ledger. I have exported my wallets transactions and compared them against the blockchain ledger and there are discrepencies. Specifically the transactions that deducted smart out of my wallet on 1/17/2018. There are 7 transactions 18b0a76bfdb0376173f99b7ba8f27f2b0705322b962adaf05b02cc1b08dacd20
which appears to remove over 1000 coins from my wallet.

It is frustrating because your blockchain says that the coins were removed but my wallet shows they are present. Additionally i did not remove these coins from my wallet. If you review the ledger you can see i was mining smart and receiving 10+ coins per transaction. The negative coins out of my wallet appear to be taking coins away from me instead to sending me the coins.

I need someones help and Id prefer to communicate by email rather than having to go onto the forum and get shot down because you think you are right, but there obviously is an error

I can also export you my wallets ledger to prove i did not spend the coins i am referring to.
I can take screen shots showing the 1.1.1 wallet for windows 10 64 showing i actively have 1010 smart elligible for smart rewards.

I need help and/ or answers please


The best way you can go to Discord ( and send Private message to me @hoangton#6301

P/s: as you tell your smart still in your wallet but you “move” smart between address and it still make you un eligible for smartreward


Hello If I use coinomi wallett I will get olso the reward ?


Yes, you can use any wallet.


Please ask for support in

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