NuMundo Proposal to Adopt Smartcash as Payment across 100 countries, and preferred payout in Brazil



NuMundo is a global network of interconnected autonomous and sustainable communities across 100 countries. We believe in decentralization as a philosophy, with respect to food, water, energy, and all aspects of the economy. We have an integrated “AirBnB-style” solution that allows travelers to move around the world and live outside of centralized systems for the basic inputs of human life. We’ve recently integrated cryptocurrency payments options. This makes us one of the first platforms where human can meet virtually all their basic needs through paying with cryptocurrency.

Through our own exploration of transformational travel and the decentralized lifestyle, we have found thousands of hubs across the globe that exemplify sustainable and holistic living, producing practical, low-cost solutions to the global climate crisis. These distributed hubs integrate ideals like community living, whole systems design, appropriate technology, seed banking, holistic health, and regenerative enterprise. We envision these impact centers becoming more accessible through the NuMundo platform, easily sharing crucial information and resources, both with the world and within the network.

We believe that a journey that takes us outside of our comfort zones is often the first step in expanding our worldview, finding a global community, and experiencing the simplicity and liberation of living simply. Transformational travel takes this concept a step further through exposure to projects that will replace one’s social conditioning with a whole new way of being. Through our platform and shared media, we are empowering individuals and communities to redefine human potential, ignite their purpose, and design their journey to a sustainable future.

We are enthusiastic about building a decentralized global movement of passionate people and land stewards to co-create a thriving planet for ourselves and future generations.

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We came across Smartcash at Anarchaportugal, an event we co-produced and Smartcash sponsored. Here, we felt the first signs of alignment. We’d love to work with Smartcash to bring forward adoption in the decentralized finance revolution. The below is a draft, intended to spark discussion and ideas.


  • Integrate Smartcash as a payment into NuMundo network (via Coinpayments)
  • Smartcash as preferred payout currency for hosts in Brazil, and other strategies for Smartcash adoption
  • Exposure of Smartcash in NuMundo channels
    • Partnership announcement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    • NuMundo would publish a Medium blog article about partnership
    • List Smartcash on NuMundo partners page
    • Partnership mention in NuMundo newsletter
    • Facebook Live interview to NuMundo following of 22k
    • Smartcash logo placement as one of the officially accepted cryptocurrencies across NuMundo website (monthly traffic 25k visits from all over the world and increasing)
  • Airdrops of Smartcash to NuMundo users
  • At-cost offsite company retreats produced by NuMundo for Smartcash community
  • Invitations to speak at conferences and events NuMundo is co-organizing, which happens a couple times annually
  • At-cost offsite company retreats produced by NuMundo for Smartcash community
  • Raffle/contest/giveaway of NuMundo Costa Rica getaway vacation experience for 2 people in Smartcash community.


  • Smartcash tokens ($10k) sponsorship
  • Exposure in Smartcash community channels (website, newsletter, social media, Telegram, blog, etc.)

Much love and thank you for your work. We look forward to feedback.


This is a marketing proposal for an AirBNB service to accept SmartCash via coinpayments.

$10k is a lot for a marketing proposal. Technically, you can put a logo up and accept SmartCash through coinpayments with just a few clicks. There isn’t any development cost. Can you spell out exactly how this benefits SmartCash?

How many new SmartCash users will be created?
How many people will actually see SmartCash?
What benfit do the raffles and other free things have to SmartCash - will they be SmartCash products? Or contests?
What are your sales per month and customers per month you service?
How long would this marketing proposal last?


Coinpayments takes less than a minute to add SmartCash as a payment option. Adding that first, before soliciting more feedback on a proposal, would be a good way to start; I’m sure the rest of the coins didn’t pay to get added.

A focus more on regional marketing and leveraging the unique base of customers would be a clearer focus.


Thanks @Solarminer for your great questions. Will answer sequentially.

New Smartcash user creation: can you be more specific as to what you define as a “user”? Is it someone who simply has a wallet that coins are airdropped into? Someone who registers a user ID on the Smartcash website?

How many people will see Smartcash: we had 25,000 visits last month and the number is growing. With Smartcash logo on the front page of the website, you can extrapolate from there.

Raffles and their benefit (and intent): This was one idea we had for NuMundo to give back something of tangible value to the Smartcash community, while inviting members of your community to experience our network and the lifestyle. We could also do the same in reverse - raffle Smartcash products to the NuMundo community.

Sales per month and customers per month: Approx. $50k sales and new 500 customers last month.

Length of term for marketing proposal: certain deliverables would be time-bound (for example, 4 posts within a 12 month period), and others would be open-ended (Smartcash would be integrated as a form of payment as long as it is liquid and integrated with CoinPayments). Let me know if you’d like me to get more specific.

In response to @mark-smartcash

Coinpayments takes less than a minute to add SmartCash as a payment option. Adding that first, before soliciting more feedback on a proposal, would be a good way to start; I’m sure the rest of the coins didn’t pay to get added… A focus more on regional marketing and leveraging the unique base of customers would be a clearer focus.

While adding Smartcash as a payment option may be easy, modifying our UX to make our users aware of the new option would be significant work. The proposal is to go above and beyond simply adding SmartCash as a payment method, but putting custom design and marketing hours towards doing the best we can to increase Smartcash exposure and adoption to our community, including having the Smartcash logo as a featured coin logo (which will not be the case for most coins we work with). As a small team we have limited energy, and we want to focus on partnering with a very small number of coin communities that are both active and values-aligned, and invest real time and energy into a partnership. Addressing your question of regional focus, the idea would be to focus on Latin America and especially Brazil in terms of the merchant side. In our conversations with you and research around Smartcash technology, this made the most sense to us as a regional focus. Our platform is fully functional in Portuguese language.


Once you enable the SmartCash option in CoinPayments and add a logo to the homepage alongside the other coin options I will take this proposal more seriously. Until then, seems like a shakedown.


Voters measure a proposal being successful by adding more ways, features, benefits to use SmartCash that will eventually increase users and buyers more than the cost of a proposal. What you are proposing is asking SmartCash to pay more than your business profits each month just to advertise.

Modifying a webpage to show a logo and a few words on SmartCash is not a significant effort, certainly not close to $10k. And as Mark said adding a coin with coinpayments is easy. Sending newsletters out 4 times is also something you will do anyway, so there isn’t an additional cost.

Your service actually may benefit more from adding SmartCash than not. We will put you on our merchant list and you will likely get new customers. Check that out here.


@Solarminer thanks for the feedback.

Do you have suggestions how to add to this proposal more ways, features, and benefits to use Smartcash (such as the Brazil merchant adoption/regional focus component)?