*OLD Version* SmartCash SmartNode Setup Guide v1.4 for Mac Users *Including smartnode checking and anti-ddos* & Optional Bootstrap


Please use the updated version here:

SmartCash SmartNode Setup Guide v1.4 for Mac Users Including smartnode checking and anti-ddos
Mac 10.13.2 (Local Wallet)
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 (VPS smartnode)
Date 28/1/2018
By @controllinghand
Credit to By (Jazz) yoyomonkey who wrote the original Windows version

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MAC user -- any luck setting up master node?
SmartCash SmartNode SetUp Guide

what can i say? I’m disgusted by the use of pico :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for your effort to improve the community.


hehe. I’m a vi guy myself but most users would hate me. Do you recommend an easier Linux editor?


No I think, unless you script it all, pico or vim is fine :slight_smile:


I’m using the SmartCash SmartNode Setup Guide v1.0 Mac 10.13.2 (Date 18/1/2018) user guide (PDF format), is that guide still okay to use? I don’t see a revision history in the above guide.

Thank you and best regards.


Ping me on Discord handle @controllinghand

  1. Yes this is your local terminal. The directory location shouldn’t matter on step 5.2
  2. did you type this sudo systemctl reload sshd can you show me your screenshot?
  3. No. This is your VSP IP
  4. see above


It should still work but 1.3 has some important step you might consider.


It can take up to 8 hours to sync??? mine has been syncing for over 20 hours and is only up to block 10660


did you do the bootstrap method?


yes I did…


I had to reinstall my wallet onetime when I ran into this. This is why bootstraping is scary. Did you backup your wallet?


no I didn’t…


Oh maybe I did…is it smartcashwallet.dat? and does it open with VLC?



Mine is still syncing it is up to block 15000 or so…says last block was generated 27 weeks ago. Surely it can’t be this slow, it’s just ridiculous…any recommendations??


@Gusthecat I recommend that you backup your wallet first with the link I sent you about this last post. Or wait until the sync completes which can be 3 to 5 days. If you backup your wallet then I can help you on discord channel. I’m at @controllinghand


@controllinghand was absolutely awesome and helpful. I literally could not have set up a smartnode without his help. Thank you for the time and detail making this guide. SmartCash is a great community and I’m happy to be on board. Please tip great community members like @controllinghand


@controllinghand When the wallet update lands, can we simply use the installer.sh bash script even though the v1.4 guide was used?


which installer.sh are your speaking of? If you are just looking to install the cronjobs and ddos fix please visit this:

If you have any questions ping me on Discord