Opening Mutual Fund and helping smartcash community during the bear crypto market


Hello SmartCash Community,
My name is Gohar Iqbal and I’m from Pakistan. I have graduated from Lahore School of Economics with a degree in Accounting and Finance. The topic for my last year thesis topic was “Factors affecting the price of bitcoin”. Currently, I’m writing a book “Financial Freedom” to educate people to preserve the wealth in the 21st Century.
My aim is to invest the money in the financial market of Pakistan in order to get a guaranteed return of approximately 13% annually. For example, Dolmen mall which is public listed REIT( Real Estate Investment Trust) paid 3.3% dividend to its shareholder quarterly. The website link is provided below.
Website link: 1
There is also term certificate which is issued by the government which pays 1% monthly return. Profit is paid on monthly basis started from the date of purchase of the certificates. The website link is provided below.
I’m more than happy to discuss this in detail if you are interested to invest. Regards.

Gohar Iqbal