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Currently we do have chaotic scheme of SmartCash website and related material translations. The problem appeared when low quality main page translations was spotted that may harm a SmartCash appearance in the eyes of newcomers.

I suppose there should be an ambassador in each language who distributes the work among translators, evaluates and corrects (if needed) the work properly and rewards the translators. I guess we need to address to those behind current translation process to work things out, set the reward/work volume rate based on current spending. The process may be be funded by SmartHive on monthly basis.

There is a lot of material to translate - many pages, articles, guidelines, UI. News and articles about SmartCash will be written constantly and it is better if most valuable of them become available in many languages.

I may be wrong and maybe proper organisation process is not needed because it is already happening somehow. But poor translations can’t be allowed as it literally harms SmartCash reputation. The current translation process needs improvement.

Please see the detailed proposal: Organising multilingual translation process
Please see clarification on major concerns: Organising multilingual translation process

The voting on proposal is now live, please take a part:

French website translation project
Bad translation website into Russian
Website French Translation Proposal

I like your proposal to organize the work of translators through an ambassador who would manage the main processes. I also believe that financing through the SmartHive budget would be a great way out of this situation.
And I completely agree with you on how newcomers react to this…
For example someone found information about SmartCash and decided to explore the website. He chose for himself a native language. And instead of greeting words he reads machine translation… And he draws conclusions.

Bad translations are a shame ©.
I’m not a professional translator, but I know my native language perfectly.
I can not be responsible for other languages, but the peculiarity of the Russian language is that the information and its “emotional tone” are closely related. For this reason, a really good translation is quite complex and usually no one does it.
Correctly written words are not just information. This is also a personal experience, a sense of involvement.
With just a machine translation, even the information is lost…


I completely agree with your ambassador idea.
SmartCash cannot afford to have poor translations or its entire credibility will suffer.
The ambassador should have to oversee any translation project corresponding to his / her language.

Either each translation project will have to be voted on by the community, or a global budget should be decided for each language and payments will be staggered according to the work done.


Wow this is a great idea! I completely agree whith you and with @Semptly… i love how she talk about “sense of involvement”…
If a simpy machine translation was enough… google is your friend! :grin:
Ok google or any other translator can make you understand, but they will never “excite you” … they can never engage you as who speak your own language!
Also do you know what it’s like to find your language on a website? Especially when you have to read many pages and deal with such a sensitive subject (here we talk about money)… Listen to me, this is a great proposal for a great visibility.
I completely agree! :wink:


I completely agree with this comment “google or any oter translators… they can never engage you as who speak your own language”… For example, Im spanish native speaker and just reading the initial presentation of spanish web site I got “bored”, it was translated in a very estricted way, it can be “cooler”. They really made a huge effort cause the page its almost perfect,(and I congratulate that) but it lacks of “warm” speaking. There are a HUGE market for spanish speakers, they have to know about this!!

French translation of the website

You all have a valid point and as a community member I am really glad to see so many of our community members coming together and contributing to shape our community positively and accurately.

I would request all Russian community member to join our Russian telegram channel for better co-ordination :

Moreover, I would like to mention that the translation is been carried out by a native Russian speaker only.

All errors(if any) in translation will soon be rectified, since we are actively seeking feedback from our Russian community.


I am agree with what was stated by God.
I am from Spain and what i hate more is when i read a bad gramatical and semantic translation of my language. It shows that there is not care focused in the work.


As I already stated in another thread, you have my support.

On the topic, we have polished our French translation project. You can check it out here.

Edit: I’ve just had an afterthought. Yes, if we’d had language ambassadors, we’d had a way to make sure that the translations are fine.
But we would also centralize power and decision making. Isn’t it against the spirit of cryptocurrencies in general and SmartCash in particular? Wouldn’t we achieve the same goal if any official translation would have first to be posted in the forum? People would have the opportunity to check it’s quality.


@Karl … I wouldn’t say that having a “Language Ambassador” would necessarily be against the spirit of cryptocurrencies. Perhaps it is a form of centralization, however; in this particular situation I believe it would serve as being more beneficial and expedient.

SmartCash is a cryptocurrency… it is also a business. I’m sure (as in all businesses) there is some form of hierarchy whether it be corporate, parnership, etc. Would we say that is going against the spirit of cryptocurrencies? I don’t think so. It’s just sound business practice.

That being said, I don’t believe we can ever be 100% decentralized. In almost every situation or project someone is designated as the “lead” or person/group “in charge”.

I agree with the OP, language ambassadors would serve a very important and beneficial purpose to SmartCash translation.


I agree with you, there’s always some form of hierarchy and it doesn’t necessarily is a bad thing. I just wanted to point out that we could maybe achieve the same goal without centralizing power. That being said, if the community would chose to name ambassadors, I’d vote for it.


Maybe we can achieve the same goal without structured working scheme, I wonder how. At the moment we see the possibility of doing something only by submitting a proposal for voting. If from time to time we’ll be having a couple of new articles for translation, then it is too bureaucratic to create a proposal for approval for such small tasks.

Maybe we need to have an ambassador responsible for translations in general who distributes monthly budget allocated for all translations among different language translation groups. He then provides the information how funds were allocated. Unused funds should be left for later use.

Each language group should have responsible person for distributing, valuating, validating and editing the work.

So basically we’ll have chapter Translations here on this forum. Under this chapter there will be topics for each language where language ambassadors distribute the work among SmartCash members who have certain translation skills.

I know it looks like a centralised company, but it is the most efficient way to create fair conditions for all the translators and high-quality result.

After some time of testing we may apply similar budget organising structure for SMM (Social Media Marketing) for promotion in social network groups (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, VK etc.) for different languages.

What do you, guys, think?


I came across current voting for Vietnamize translation that looks to be almost approved.
While the project budget is significant, it is so light on details:

The budget requested looks unfair for other translators. I’d like to see your opinions on that.

Where Will Smart Cash Be in Five Years?

It also seems to me that without further explanation of how the budget was estimated and how money will be allocated, it is quite difficult to form my own opinion on that proposal.


@SirBond @hockleyj @God and community interested in the translation process:
how would you recommend paying the authors of the articles or guides that will be translated?


xD im just kidding, but i would love to start getting smart rewards every months actually lol


The overall budget is estimated based on current initial need. For example, lets say at the moment we have 3 active language groups ready to start the work (currently I see only 2 groups, but I expect we may see another one appearing soon enough).

We estimate the work volume using the way Karl (thank you, French team) did it and include website and great articles and guidelines.

Let’s say we have word count for all the initial content for the month of work = 10000 Engish words.
Then we use average current market rate for quality translation (currently $0,1 per word)

We can not set the rate well below this number as SmartCash is highly volatile asset - since the French team proposal, SmartCash rate is down by 20%. All the groups are SmartCash members, so I guess they will be willing to take the associated risks and work towards SmartCash better look while looking into brighter future.

Further is a possible outlook how it should work transparently. Numbers may be discussed.

So lets say we now have 10000 words at the rate of 2 Smarts ($0,1 for today) per word. To engage translation teams for 3 languages we need:

10000 x 2 x 3 = 60 000 Smarts

I assume to add 7% on these expenses for general translation coordinator.
60 000 x 0.07 = 4200 Smarts

Another 10% needs to be added for all language ambassadors. I assume each of them may undertake a part of translation work besides that.
60 000 x 0.1 = 6000 Smarts

Total expenses: 60 000 Smarts + 4200 + 6000 = 70 200 Smarts

General translation coordinator is responsible for:

  • choosing most valuable content for multilanguage translation with help of other members
  • submiting the work to language ambassadors
  • overall quality of translations
  • fast and effient communication / funding of language ambassadors
  • organising new language groups, initial vesting process
  • submitting detailed financial reports with links to actual job done monthly
  • estimating new job volume and upcoming month expences
  • submitting translation proposal funding request for voting beforehand

Language ambassador duties:

  • picking up good translators from SmartCash members
  • distributing jobs among them
  • validating and editing ready translations
  • cooperating with general translation coordinator
  • funding individual translators
  • triggering translation of outstanding non-Engilsh material into English (in cooperation with general translation coordinator and other members)
  • translating content himself (voluntary)

At the end of the month, general translation coordinator submits detailed financial report on spent funds and creates a funding proposal for upcoming month based on current spending and expected spendings (there could be more materal and language teams appearing)

New language group may be engaged by the desicion of general translation coordinator whether he has unused funds or during next month spending proposal. If the desicion on new language group is doubtful, general translation coordinator should ask for community opinion whether the language has high enough priority (we have many languages in the World, yet at the moment most popular languages, obviously should have higher priority and some languages are just rare). I assume initaly to define high-priority language as the language that has at least 50 million of native speakers.

To estimate if these numbers look fine, lets have a look at the overall picture:

Current task: engage 3 translation teams
Overall cost: 70 200 Smarts + 100 Smarts (proposal submition for voting)

General translation coordinator months pay - 4200 Smarts (210 usd)
(this is in case all the job is done and all the funds are distributed)

Language ambassador months pay - 2000 Smarts (100 usd)
(this pay excludes own translation work, in this example it is assumed that language ambassadors performed all the job described in exacly equal work volume)

Translators pay: price set at current market rate at the time when proposal is funded each month (here we may discuss if this rate may be changed by general translation coordinator during the month, for example at the moment when price changes more than 30%)

Obviously, in case where just a part of the requested funds are used, ambassadors receive rewards only for the job that has been completed. The remaining part is to be left for the next month. For some, these numbers may look big, for others - small. We need to discuss numbers and see early adopters opinion before the proposal will be submitted for voting. Also we should remember, that this is not a full-time job, hence a responsible one. And Smarts will hopefully grow as the time passes by.

This structure may be implemented without general translation coordinator. In this scenario, language ambassadors have to fulfill monthly reports and submit translation proposals for funding. In this case we see the upside:

  • less centralized

and the downsides:

  • it would be quite tricky for language ambassador to submit funding proposal in the future when just a couple of new interesting articles for translation appeared
  • it is more difficult to organize cross-language translation process or find interesting material in other languages
  • there is greater possibility of low quality work being performed or not performed at all
  • big differences between costs for similar translation work may appear in different translation groups
  • many proposals on voting site for various languages and jobs would pop up that would severly delay overall translation process

The idea: to create an open, accessible to all people document for reporting in Google docs
French website translation project
Bad translation website into Russian

I can offer myself as a global translation coordinator or / and Russian language ambassador for the 1st month only in order to create well-functioning working process of current proposal including

  • monthly translation funding proposal template
  • monthly financial report template
  • working guidelines for global translation coordinator, language ambassadors and translators
  • recommendations for vetting processes
  • global translation coordinator - language ambassador handy forms
  • if needed, enchancing the initial idea during real life use

“I can offer” doesn’t mean that I have to become one. Suitable candidates should apply.

To qualify for these positions I have to reveal some private information about me. I’m 36 years old, native language is Russian. I have graduated from major Russian University (Engeneering) and studied MSc in Grennwich University, London (IT in e-Commerce), living in the UK for 5.5 years. I currenty work for industrial company as leading expert in informational resources. I have an experience as an enterpreneur in e-Commerce and various web-related projects. I do have qualified interpreter and professional copyrighter by my side from whom I can get an advice if needed.

I intend to leave both positions on 2nd month for suitable candidates as I see myself more useful for SmartCash community creating and implementing new ideas, optimizing processes and soving known issues. I may occasionally participate as a language translator from time to time when I have spare time.

Only in case there won’t be those who would like or would be qualified to become Russian language ambassador I may consider being the the one longer. I do not intend to remain global translation coordinator after the 1st month due to the possible lack of time in the future as SmartCash evolves.

Obviously,other members may apply for these positions - the aim here is to organise the whole process to achieve fast and efficient multilanguage translations, not for me to become an ambassador.

If I get strong support from the community, I’ll compile the proposal for voting in 2 days time. If there won’t be a strong support, the project will probably just die or it may be picked up by someone for later implementation. Please give your honest opinion.


I love the idea of Language/Translation Ambassadors as pointed out in other translation related posts we need a way to Q/A content/translations and also to ensure material is kept up to date etc, the Language Ambassador idea would address this problem.

I would also like to reserve the language ambassador spot for “gibberish” as it is my first language, English being my second :stuck_out_tongue:


Good one! We should most definitely consider SmartCash translation into “gibberish” for wider adoption :sweat_smile:

Yes, full reports of what was made when and by whom would allow quality check by a community and error fixes. We would need to create a sub-forum SmartCash translations with categories for each language in order to make all the work efficient and transparent for everyone to contribute and monitor the process.

In a way, the solution to the task would be rather unique if implemented. Quality multilingual translation and cross-language translation of up to date material should let SmartCash to appear to broad masses in a best way possible.


@hockleyj we should definitely do that. lol