[POOL] CapacityPools - Guaranteed payments w. bonuses for all prev. miners!


We have rewritten our entire codebase from scratch and have once again put CapacityPools back online. Miners are now paid per-share instead of per-block and are guaranteed full compensation (minus pool fee) for their work. This means that pool participants won’t be affected by technical issues or bad luck.
Miners who have mined with us previously will find a bonus balance linked to their address - an apology for our previous, faulty setup. These bonuses are released 10 SMART at a time every time a regular payout is processed.

Please visit https://smart.capacitypools.com

… or start mining
Diff 200: smart.capacitypools.com:4444
Diff var: smart.capacitypools.com:5555
Diff 1000: smart.capacitypools.com:6666


Hello, What language is your pool written in?


Server is running NodeJs. I.e. Javascript.


The pool’s software is working perfectly so far and the small server-stutters that occurred right after release have been remedied with a server upgrade.

It’s great to see so many people joining. If the worker count keeps increasing, we will activate two more servers on different continents.


We have introduced a pool server in the US! Along this upgrade, you can now assign your workers individual names and see your workers’ performance across time on the worker stat page.



this pool server is down! any news?


South American and North American servers are online :slight_smile:


already connected to south american pool sa.smart.capacitypools.com:5555


Thank you very much! Congratulations for making this work!