Portuguese Brazil translation project


Hello guys!

I would to help on SmartCash project by translating the website in Portuguese Brazil.
In the future I intend to create other projects, a university extension course and a undergraduate class, the in Portuguese Brazil site would be a great help to make these projects viable.

What do you think about? I accept critiques and suggestions. :wink:

Thanks for your help.


Who I am:

I am a Computer Technician, I am graduated in Computer Networks, specializing in Information Security and Master in Computer Science. I am interested in translating to promote the project in 3 universities of Vitoria, capital of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.

Proposal description:

I estimate that the work will last 30 days, 20 days translating and 10 checking the result and making some adjustments.

Total Hours expected for project to complete: 60 hours

-Website translation:

For counting words I used the free words counter website that you can find here : https://wordcounter.net/website-word-count

929 words on https://smartcash.cc/
896 words on https://smartcash.cc/what-is-smartcash/
249 words on https://smartcash.cc/roadmap/
676 words on https://smartcash.cc/what-are-smartrewards/
228 words on https://smartcash.cc/get-smartcash/
978 words on https://smartcash.cc/hive-teams/
788 words on https://vote.smartcash.cc/
594 words on https://smartcash.cc/wallets/

Word count = 5338

Estimated SMART: 50,000.00



First of, the price. With current smartcash price this relates to 2500 USD. This is not very reasonable. The price per hour is above 40USD (according to your estimation = 60 hours).

Second, at least to me the smartcash websites already seem to be available in portuguese:


Hello @ThoBo

Thanks for the contribution, Portugues Portugal and Portugues Brazil are not the same language, this article presents a bit of the differences https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/difference-between-brazilian-and-european-portuguese, as I had said are estimates, the hours and the price. The average value of other submitted submissions is 2000 dollars, this site shows the average hourly pay https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Translator/Hourly_Rate, 40 dollars a possible value considering the professional experience of the translator, with your contribution and reading this site I will reconsider the value for 40 dollars per hour, totaling 2400 dollars.

I accept more contributions, could you help me?

Thank you.


I’m for having good website translations, but you are asking for way too much money.

a) you’re not a professional translator

b) the texts to be translated are not really complicated

It is not true that the average value of other submitted proposal is $2000. You looked only at the Polish and the Hindi proposals, but there were other proposals before. Checking what has been proposed before is a good idea, but you can’t follow overpriced proposals (both the Hindi and the Polish proposals are probably going to be rejected for being to expensive).
As for the link with average hourly pays, you can’t justify your prices with it. Translators are paid per words (sometimes per characters), not on a hourly basis. The hourly pay you see on the website you linked is based on what a decent translator can translate / hour, which is about 200 words. Translation rates depend on the text’s difficulty and character and on the translator’s experience, but the average price for a normal text is $0.1/word. Hence the hourly rate of ≈ $20 of the website you linked.
If you want to translate the website, I’d advise you the chose a rate / word and explain why you chose this rate.

The following guide could help you to prepare a better proposal.


Brazil is a big and attractive public for smartcash, but without a doubt $ 50,000 is above reality, you can improve your proposal and I’m sure it will happen as it is a public to which it is necessary to approach the company at reasonable costs.


Hello! Thank you for your contribution
Searching the forum, I realized that her proposal for French translation was the only one approved by the community, based on her I had the following idea.

U$ 0.1 / word + 20%

The twenty percent is for changes during six months in the eight sites that I will translate.

What do you think of @Karl?

I accept more contributions! I now have funds to submit the project :grin:


Hello @wilcan! Thank you for your contribution

What do you think of this proposal?

U$ 0.1 / word + 20%

The twenty percent is for changes during six months in the eight sites that I will translate.

I would like to share this news, in Portuguese Brazil, which shows the great potential that can be explored here.


Hi @renan.fa !

The rate you’re proposing now is more realistic. You don’t have to stick to the French translation proposal if you think you deserve/can get more for your work though. Including a maintenance is a good idea, but I’m not sure about the 20%. Sometimes, there’s not much new content, other times a lot. I think that it would be better to stick with your rate for the maintenance too, but it’s up to you to decide.
Before submitting your proposal to the community vote, I’d suggest you to write a pre-proposal following the guide I posted in my previous post. Also, feel free to go the SmartCash Discord translation room to engage with the people over there. it will help you get more attention.
(https://discord.gg/BDUh8jr )


It is better to keep this a short project, limited to translation of the website as current content only once. I do not recommend doing a maintenance schedule. Too often after a month or two people will lose interest. It is better for everyone to just commit to a smaller project and complete it fully in a shorter period, less than a month.


Completing the project fast (1 month should be fine) is important to avoid ending up in a situation where you’ve already translated something, but it changed before you finished the translation…

Some members of the community will find it’s a good idea to include the maintenance, others won’t. It’s up to you to decide, but taking into account the community’s opinion will give your proposal more chances to succeed.