(pre-preposal) Teach SmartCash Refugees 7900 USD


Hi I created a proposal to teach crypto to refugees in Brazil. I just met Enrique and thought maybe he could serve as a validator for this project to make sure that SmartCash can verify that funds go where they are supposed to. This is a summary of the proposal https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRnNwH7KJ2KD7HwxcJQ0B2gQClEqzUTVZU63OeeQP1OhThJBwhLMpFEVSloDdA8qk5l_ImNJgnrbd7h/pub


Refugees can benefit because they are usually “ubanked” or “debanked”, having very little ways to store their wealth due to their situation. This makes the use case clear.

I suggest starting with a more modest proposal amount to have a better chance of success. Instead of $5000 for 50 students, maybe try $1000 for 50 students, which would be $20 each. That would bring the costs down significantly and would be better to try out this proposal.

Could you explain more what the “results” would be of this project? Would the videos be posted to a website for the project? Having more explaining what is going on and the purpose of the project would allow SmartCash to link to it and provide mutual publicity.

Would any of the teaching materials be available as PDF for others to use to explain the benefits of cryptocurrency for migration?


Yes coinyou.co can provide a branded page for smartcash specific courses. Also the ebook can be altered to be smartcash specific and branded for smartcash.


it’s hard to imagine what the effect will be for smart, not the best times on the market to hand out money to refugees.

Hold a free event without free candies. Explain the advantages of the project, gather for the second event, and then you will see at the second or third event how few people want to listen to information from which they have no benefit. My opinion, you need to work with those who stay around you after 3-5 free events. Otherwise, you just give people money in which they will not see the value.


So I’m getting ready to set up a disaster relief kitchen on the US Mexico border in support of the refugee Caravan. If an ecological restoration project could be found near the border, folks could earn smart cash, receive remitinces, and possibly be better banked and gain agroforestry skills while waiting for asylum