PRE-PROPOSAL Add smartcash to PolisPay


Hello Smartcash community,

I am Richard B. aka Eros, I am the current COO of Polis Blockchain and PolisPay app. If you want to verify that I am indeed Richard B. , you can send me a personal DM over twitter: .

We at PolisPay aim to bring cryptocurrencies to daily life, we aim to do this with the integration of the following features into our app:

  • PolisPay Shift: instant conversion between cryptos.
  • Blockbook compatibility: add your own Blockbook Server to keep track of your wallet.
  • Full compatibility with BIP39 (Mnemonic Phrases) and BIP32 (HD Wallets).
  • On-Device Private Key storage, no data gets into our servers. This is a trustless platform, you are in total control of your assets.
  • Gift cards: Pay for several services using your cryptocurrencies! Spending your crypto has never been easier!
  • Epay card top-up: Top up your Epay Mastercard card within the app
  • Trezor support.

We want to integrate smartcash to our platform, and for that reason we are asking for 3,695,652 SMART, which will be used as the integration fees, blockbook integration fees and server costs.

The smartcash community will also get the integration to the blockbook explorer, as we use that in our backend:

You can find the full integration proposal via this PDF: