PRE-PROPOSAL: Bring SmartCash to Atlanta with Jeffrey Tucker and the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy


Amount: 1,054,000 Smarts

Timeline: February 10th - April 10th

Total Hours: 80

Project Goal: Introduce and distribute Smartcash in the blockchain capital of the world

Who am I? What do I bring to the table; what’s my goal here?

My name is Nick Tucker and I am the COO of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy: I have been a passionate advocate and user of cryptocurrency since mid-2014. The Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy is the go-to place for crypto education, community outreach, and networking in Atlanta. The Bitcoin Embassy was launched in late 2017 by Jeffrey Tucker, a crypto evangelist since 2013.

Atlanta is a special place for cryptocurrency. The hustle and entrepreneurial mindset are built into our culture. We have the highest amount of unbanked capital and crypto ATMs in America. We have weekly meetups on the topics of Blockchain technology, Bitcoin, BCH, Ethereum, EOS, Lightning Networks and etc…. SmartCash is sorely missing a presence in the Blockchain Capital of the world.

Since we launched, we have made quite the impression in the city of Atlanta and its major business neighborhoods, Midtown, Downtown, and Buckhead. While we are very proud of our progress in the city so far, we are ready to tap into the market beyond the immediate perimeter of the city.

We believe Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is most powerful and useful in the hands of the unbanked. While the entire city of Atlanta is nearly 10% unbanked, this rate jumps to 40% as you venture outside the perimeter of the city. Those are exactly the people we want to reach in 2019. This is the very reason Jeffrey Tucker opened the Embassy in late 2017. Crypto can change these people’s lives today.

We are planning a crypto tour of Atlanta over the next 3 months and are asking for SmartCash to sponsor this initiative. All events will be based around either merchant adoption or user wallet adoption. We plan to do at very least 1 event per week and likely many more. Each event will be recorded and promoted on social media.

Here’s a sample of the types of events we already host in our community. This particular video was made from a high school field trip with the 10th grade class of a local tech school:

That video got 3500 views on Twitter alone. We tag any involved sponsors and give you access to the footage if you’d like to use it in your own marketing material.

Deliverables / Job description of the proposal. Ideally it will be itemized. What are you doing? Be specific. How much does it cost? Why?

  • 30 new merchants accepting SmartCash
  • 300 new wallets downloaded (with $2 in SC sent to each new user)
  • At least 1 SmartCash event per week
  • Merchant adoption events: black barber shops (the haircutters rent out the chair and accept payment in cash, venmo, or cashapp, nail salons (same model) food trucks (ATL is the food truck capital of the world) vendors at Atlanta’s biggest Jazz festival next month, Flea Markets.
  • User Adoption events: Meetups in Midtown at the Bitcoin Embassy, local black church meetup, local university meetup (Georgia Tech, Emory University, GSU) and East side of Atlanta kickbacks.
  • SmartCash videos of the Tour of Atlanta (created by the uber talented Taleed Brown)
  • Pushing SmartCash awareness to 500 Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy visitors per month.
  • 24/7 1-on-1 training at the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy
  • SmartCash swag in the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy
  • Free office space for SmartCash reps in the Bitcoin Embassy
  • SmartCash branding on the website under sponsor page.
  • SmartCash promoted as a gold sponsor

Merchant Adoption Events: 2 Per Month

We’re targeting small businesses that do a majority of their business in cash. These entrepreneurs are desperate for an alternative to fiat currency. Cash is inefficient, dangerous, and less common than ever making it hard to attract new business. These companies also don’t have much money for marketing. They will jump at the opportunity to be a part of the Bitcoin Embassy’s tour of Atlanta because we can deliver them some great local exposure. We will follow up each event with a video produced by our Director of Content Experiences, Taleed Brown.

We have already found several local businesses that would be open to this idea as well as many entrepreneurs that are friends of the Embassy and would love to give their business some exposure.

The goal at each of these events is to explain the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency and set them up to accept Smartcash in their business.

User Adoption Events: 3 Per Month

Our overall goal is to open 300 “hot user” Smartcash wallets outside the perimeter of the city. When I say a hot user I mean that we will also send them some SmartCash so it’s not just an app on their phone that they’ll forget about. In our experience, $2 or $3 per wallet is all it takes. We are requesting additional funds to execute this.

We believe that a cryptocurrency 101 talk is not the most effective way to drive adoption. In our experience over the last year, people tune this tech talk out. These users don’t have to know the ins and outs of blockchain tech to effectively use cryptocurrency. Instead, we’ll be hosting talks on the subjects of entrepreneurship, living a free life, financial security, and my personal story. I’m 22, never went to college, and I’m now in my 2nd year of running a successful startup.

It’s a story of living life on my own terms and how cryptocurrency has facilitated this lifestyle. I believe its a story that the hustle culture of Atlanta will relate to. The model will be similar to the way Ben Swann promotes Smartcash. 80% engaging story and 20% info on cryptocurrency and free Smartcash giveaways. I think this is a good model for any crypto meetup but especially when you are trying to reach groups that aren’t tech savvy.

The most common event we will hold for user adoption is called a “kickback” here in Atlanta. Because of Atlanta’s tough history with race relations, these black neighborhoods outside Atlanta have developed their own party culture. Not long ago, these people couldn’t come to the clubs or bars in Atlanta simply based on the color of their skin.

To this day, despite the city being majority black, this culture continues to exist. They would rather hang out in groups of 15-40 in a house outside the city. They prefer it because you don’t have to pay outrageous cover fees, you can bring your own bottle, you can smoke freely (if you have a nice host), and you have a sense that you are in a safe place with your community.

If you are plugged into this kickback culture of Atlanta you can find a different house party every night of the week. We hope to attend at least 1 or 2 every week and provide some type of refreshments as a sign of good faith. This could be supplying some alcohol for the party or maybe even getting a party platter of wings. We’ll take 15-20 minutes at each kickback to tell an engaging story, introduce everyone to Smartcash, and then give away free Smartcash the rest of the night if they download a wallet.

Beyond this, we’ll also do at least 1 talk at a local black church and 2 at a local high school. We will use the same model of 80% engaging story and 20% introduction to crypto.



Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal. We hope you will vote for our project and help us bring Smartcash to Atlanta. We are going to reach the people that really need access to cryptocurrency today. Between the number of new wallets, new merchants, and our marketing material Smartcash will absolutely see the ROI.

This will be a brand new project the crypto world has never seen and we want Smartcash to be involved. We will post at least bi-weekly status updates along with constant pictures and videos on our twitter feed.

Thank you for your consideration!


Nick Tucker, do you have any relation to Jeffrey Tucker?

This is a large proposal for someone new to SmartCash. You might try a small amount to gain some voter confidence first.

Isn’t a Kickback really just a party with some friends? No shame in doing that, but you need to actually make connections and make it count. And for meetups there needs to be some proof it happened which is typically a video. So make sure a video can be done at these Kickbacks.


Hello Nick,

One of your deliverables is that 30 new merchants would accept smartcash, do you have examples of businesses that accept crypto due to your prior work?


Indeed, I’m his son!

Great point. I’m considering submitting this as a two month proposal or even three separate proposals over the next 3 months.

Yes basically just a party but more for welcoming to real conversations. Each kickback we go to will be a brand new crowd of people to get to know and introduce cryptocurrency to. We’ve done these types of events at least once a week at the Embassy for over the past year! And yes TJ Brown, our fantastic media guy will get video of each event.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Please let me know if you have any other comments or questions.


So far we’ve only set up a few businesses in Atlanta to accept crypto (one awesome black barbershop) but it also hasn’t been a big goal of ours up until this point. We spent most of 2018 focusing on user adoption and training on how to use cryptocurrency.

That said, we have a great network here in Atlanta and have a few companies that have already expressed interest.

Something I’ve noticed in Atlanta is that accepting crypto is cool and can give a real boost to your business. I think we’ll have no problem getting those 30 on board especially with how convenient SmartCash’s merchant app is.


Got it, thanks.

You will also show a stronger commitment to SmartCash if you offer to hold funds for 6 months or a year like some proposals have done in the past.

Are you offering exclusive SmartCash events? Or will there be other coins involved in each one?

Another goal should be to keep merchants accepting SmartCash. Maybe a bonus at 1 year or some way to keep their interest over time.


Sorry, not quite sure what you mean. We need the funds to accomplish this tour of Atlanta. If we just hold the funds, we can’t do the tour… might be misunderstanding.

The events will involve both SmartCash and Bitcoin education and giveaways.We think it’s important for people to understand what started all this. Still, SmartCash will be advertised as the best option for cheap and fast digital cash.

Great idea love it.


When you receive SmartCash and sell it instantly, you lower the price. Proposals are much more likely to pass if they have some faith in the coin and commit to holding for 6 months knowing that their hard work will lead to a higher price in the future. Holding gives you skin in the game and encourages you to work harder.

Good luck on your proposal. You still need to submit your proposal for a vote at


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