Pre-Proposal for Food Distribution in Venezuela


The Proposal

I am proposing recruiting a local restaurant New Grill to help us distribute free, quality meals to the local population in Puerto Ordaz for a predetermined amount of time. I have been researching the logistics of this project and have found that what haunts the local population, a weak Bolivar, would work to our benefit in our campaign. Namely, we can provide food distribution for relatively cheap.

Amount Requested: This will vary greatly depending on how much marketing we decide to do, but the actual food preparation and distribution looks like 500 quality meals prepared by a chef for about $600 USD. This includes everything including the condiments, napkins, fuel, labor. This rate is per week and assumes a month-long campaign.

Timeline: I am putting on the table a month-long campaign but that could be scaled up. Our team on the ground is very flexible and motivated.

Proposal Goal: We are first looking to do some real good in the world, help out a population that desperately could use a good turn. The secondary goal is positive marketing for the SMART project.

Deliverables: We will prepare and distribute 500 meals per week for a month. The menu includes a hot dog plate, a hamburger plate, and a barbeque plate. We would also like to distribute SMART marketing material (stickers, shirts), produce live video and perhaps even get local radio coverage.

My SMART related experience: I have been in crypto since 2014 and know many from the team from different projects. Crypto has been very good to me and I would be honored and humbled to be a part of a team that can do some good in the world while promoting our project.

Conclusion: I’d like to say in conclusion that with a SMART grant we will be able to provide a quality meal for 500 people per week. We will also be providing short term employment for 5 people. I think more importantly we are stimulating the local economy and truly offering hope for the future. Everyone I have talked to in Venezuela is incredibly excited about this and these people will remember us for our effort. This tragedy affects nearly everyone in Venezuela from laborers to engineers and professors. Venezuela will not be down forever and they will remember who was there in a time of need.

vzla budget proposal


Could we hire a sixth person to show people how to use SmartCash? May as well show them how to download and purchase and possibly start them off with a few dollars worth?

But this idea sounds rather amazing!


Absolutely, the cool thing about working in Venezuela is there is always an incredibly talented person that could be brought on to the team, you can’t throw a stone without hitting an engineer or professor down there. Not kidding. :slight_smile:


Just to be devils advocate here what’s the accountability look like in the end of the person running this whether it’s you or someone down in Venezuela?


Sounds good to me… Helping out the community is a way to give back…


I’m glad you asked. I would personally guarantee the whole thing. If any of the core deliverables were not reasonably achieved I would repay the community from my own funds. (Reasonably though, if we end up including significant marketing I probably shouldn’t be on the hook if say we don’t reach like 1,000 retweets or something) I would ask for some flexibility here in that we are dealing with a country with corrupt politicians, police and some very desperate people-- but that is kind of the point of helping out. That being said, I have 100% faith in the people that we will be working with, like Jonathan who himself is actually opening himself up to significant risk in doing this. Doing basic things like procuring natural gas for the burners requires going on the black market and we are leaning on Jonathan’s contacts and reputation locally. I chose this guy because he is the real deal and one of those types that does the right thing even when no one is looking. We may even consider hiring security for the actual distribution because things can get crazy, but labor there is insanely cheap.


Go for it! This proposal is interesting for several reasons. It showcases what the SmartHive 3rd party budget can do, it introduces SmartCash to a new audience in a great way that should make folks very receptive and it’s also great to be able to help out some of those people. It’s a trifecta. Great way to hit 3 birds with one stone, not to mention the amount is trivial and yet it can really make a difference. It’s quite amazing.


@fiatluxx can we get someone to record a video? I think all the SmartCash holders would like to see how the food will be distributed and all the people involved.


Awesome man, thanks for your support. Yes, we can definitely do that. I just wanted to get the ball rolling introducing the basic idea. I am open to all suggestions and I think getting into the details of the marketing will be pretty fun. I’ll revise the proposal soon to include videography, basic marketing on Facebook (that is big down there), marketing materials like maybe stickers and tshirts etc. I would definitely like a banner with SmartCash logo present. This is going to be awesome and I have no doubt we are going to get great media coverage.


@fiatluxx, what a great idea. I am from South America as well and can attest to the dangerous of doing such a thing in Venezuela with the current political scenario.
You can count on my vote and support to see this project come into life.


Thank you very much! I’ve never done anything like this before and the early support means a great deal to me. The reality on the ground is pretty miserable but everyone I have talked to has been very supportive and glad that people from the outside world have not forgotten them. Like Juicy said, this is a win-win-win situation.


I like it! It is a little bit too early because mobile wallets are in development and i would like to see people using their mobile to pay for the meal themselves. But anyways a yes from me :slight_smile:


This will leave a mark absolutely, especially when the govt of Venezuela is against Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrencies. Going there and promoting a crypto-currency project by supporting local citizens would be a " In your face" statement to make . Too bold but yeah that’s what it need. And I completely agree with @alexander . Once mobile wallets are developed such campaigns will be more effective. Still, a great idea to start with.

These meals will be free for the people right :thinking: ?


@alexander Great minds think alike, lol. Yes Venezuela is going to be an excellent real life use case scenario when mobile wallet arrives. We could do this whole giveaway by giving the cost of the meal directly to people who sign up some where. I guarantee people would hold SMART over the Bolivar anyday, and if they could use it at New Grill for an actual meal. Well, that’s next level stuff.


@cryptodate Absolutely, free for the people. What’s taking the most time at this stage is getting the marketing material nailed down. And yes, it’s kind of inherently an in your face thing to the gov’t which is why we are trying to get the local " cruz verde" to be present. They are like the red cross in other places. Don’t want anyone getting hurt or any trouble really.


i do not know where that is not to not support it but questions that should ask is benefit.
if these doe get a lots of publicity i could be happier because if smart get big we all profit. seconded 500 * 600 is 3000
dollars that is a lot of money in its own means so times 2 cents its like so 50 per a dollar so 3000 * 50 = 150 000
coins holy that is so much the community doe have a large budget but the coin is far from perfect there is alot of work to be done and i mean a lot to add value which would have a greater effect then a month of local news. if it goes global i would be rich then so that would be good. but so many people do this now. in Canada i see immigrant from Africa every day im in the city they are cool people and are nice but to i ask him what was bitcoin he’s shocked and didn’t didnt even know i told him about about how the fed is a scam and didn’t even understand the concept of it. most people don’t understand a tech age or whatever you want to call it is coming fast. quantum computer are made in Canada not bragging ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). but people who will have no idea and how will they use it if they don’t know about it how could they use it. and could they use it. people do acts now like this everyday at first it was big but now there more likely to just do another episode on trump because they want what makes more money and less costs. if people don’t mine coins how will they even get it. if the people we teach can’t get the coin then its no use advertising this people do acts like this everyday i would love food if it was free and just say thanks you on a camera wouldn’t you.

my point is this coin needs world uses that people can use not alot a people who don’t know what crypto is is gonna join if they cant use it they have no wifi pcs or any way to use it.
we need to focus on making the coin better so people can use it not advertise a coin they cant use. once we have cool features they will talk for them self but coins don’t grow for helping one person 2000 people to 7 billion isn’t that big people are worse in some places too. so if we have real world use cases it will help not give people meals who cant afford a pc or the internet. there is no use to advertise a coin they cant use. by then its just helping not even 0.00000001 of the people who need it. if we have a concrete use case it will go further things that are big what 7b can use what 2k cant its more advertising and making a better coin.

i understand right now we are just making a community as a backbone to grow but if we put money were we cant get that community we are better off putting it in to making a future instead of help not even 1% of a county what needs help it is a bigger problem then that and not going to help a coin with basic feature we need development

For example is a perfect example focus on what won’t help and trying to do it more doesn’t help im sorry the problem is bigger then helping not even 1% of a country

its like winning a lottery it only makes your life worse if you are given a drug you cant stop. if you give someone a meal they’ll never get again they’ll be more depressed. that they’ll never get it again. were as a person who didn’t get it wouldn’t care. they wouldn’t have they quick feeling of joy a drug gives you. almost 3m is a big budget i do not care what you do im here to support only because i don’t believe i know this coin has a future and it will be a win for all of us

but what the case of helping when are road map with well need features just to check up with other coins is not done and then we need to make a big invation to be used in a really world case i can believe to happen but the budget to do something is mass and thats a big price to pay what will make the coin worth so much more.
i guess 3k isnt alot but it is to so many people. it would be better to make the world one country but are are far from it the usa puts to much power in one person and for all i know the best governments are eur and canada

we could make a future but there must be
skeptics and optimists to get a true answer im just laying info.

i don’t care if it happens i don’t think that it will do much help to smart or it might do big because that will be the first crypto what doe a real thing but i hope you do well sorry for my spelling and ill always support smart just laying down financial stuff. but since its crypto and its trending if you do it in the crazy it will be big wish you luck i just want smart to be big i do not care how you do it i will support


@LIL_GUNNER_1 I understand your points but I think there are a few missing pieces in your analysis.

1- Venezuelans are aware of crypto, and this was driven by the political scenario that they have atm.
2- We are talking to an exchange in Venezuela and will probably be available there in the near feature.
3- A plate of food for someone hungry is NEVER going to cause depression.
4- That less than 1% of a country is just a number for outsiders, but ask for the person who actually got the food.

I don’t think we can/will solve the problems of the world, but I believe that @fiatluxx proposal is great and it incorporates most of what I believe are the benefits of a decentralised economy.


@fiatluxx you should submit your proposal on

Let me know if you need any help


Interesante propuesta, Dios quiera se cumpla, ya que muchas personas lo necesitan y urgentemente. Gracias por recordar y tratar de ayudar a mi amada Venezuela.


@LIL_GUNNER_1 Thank you for your honest opinion, we are all new at this and every piece of input is important. From your post I gather that you are concerned about the cost and benefit of undertaking this proposal, always fair points to consider. I know you don’t know me but I would like for you to understand that I am putting consideriable amount of time in this precisely with your concerns in mind. I am trying to insure that costs don’t get out of control but absolutely nothing, or no one that I have encountered is abusing our generosity. In the end I think we have to trust the process and put it to a vote.

@rlamasb Thanks again, yes I will submit it for a final vote as soon as I can get a solid quote for marketing materials. It may turn out to be easier and cheaper to produce the materials here in the US and ship them down, but that is the hang up right now.


@fiatluxx ya its not up to me i guess the devs. but wish you the best and hope it helps all how ever it goes down it could make headlines because what crypto did that. i do know wish you the best. probably will benefit