Pre-Proposal for SmartCash expansion within Mexico with Social Media


again that is up to you, but if you’re willing to I’m sure it will help many others in the future! Can’t wait to see where this goes!


Before I post the Proposal in the Governance portal, this and all the proposals must have an approval from the community here, this will avoid some intents of going straight to the voting without the proper scrutiny and Q&A round.

So, is there a timeframe for submitting it? Can it be submitted in any day? I know that has to be at least 15 days for voting.

Regarding the budget for Facebook ads, I think we can manage to spend $350 USD per week on advertising, please suggest here if the amount is good enough.



Hi. I actually think your proposal is pretty non-controversial which is probably why it hasn’t had much debate. I think you can submit your proposal at any time, when you feel comfortable. As for the dollar amount for advertising. I am definitely not an expert in that realm, but that amount seems a little steep to me. Maybe scale back a bit to $250/ week? That will still end up being a really big push. Plus we can always scale up if it ends up being insufficient.

I am very excited to see your final proposal.


Thanks @fiatluxx for the suggestion about the advertising amount, we can start with a small amount an increase as needed up to $250 per week.

I will submit the proposal and wait enough time for the community to vote.


Do you expect to get paid upfront or on delivery?


@JuicyG for a better flow cash it would be good to create 4 installments, one at the END of every month, basically would be monthly payment on delivery, since some charges for advertising have to be rendered on Facebook and Twitter, this practice will set the precedent of working first and harvesting later. All advertising expenses have to be supported to maintain the transparency.


A clarification and question here, the Proposal is for 70,000 Smarts
Then the community suggested get Advertising on Facebook and Twitter Ads with a budget of $250 per week, so we can reach more people with the maximum potential, this gives us a $4,000 USD total on advertising.

Option 1. The advertising budget gets reimbursed at the end of every month after knowing how much was spent and with proper invoicing proof.

Option 2. Add the amount of 40,000 Smarts to the proposal and spend all and exclusively to Advertising with proper invoicing proof, this will transparent all expenses.

Please give me feedback on this.


What would be easier for you? Considering the price of Smart is pretty volatile.


Option 2 would be easier for me and then spread it in four installments at the end of every month.

With the proof of invoicing and taking snapshots of the exchange rate on every payment done until we use it all is a fair way of managing the budget.

If the price of Smarts goes higher (which I am pretty sure it will) we can use the advantage of buying more ads.

But since this is a community project it´s good to take the opinion of you, this will allow the Proposal flow in an easy way with the consent of all :slight_smile:


I suggest payment on delivery for the first month and perhaps ask for upfront payment later on if folks are happy with your work.

Are Spanish videos going to be part of this? People may tend to think that based on those videos you’ve posted. Do you intend to create more video content?


I’d love to see video content, but I didn’t read the proposal as inclusive of that.


@JuicyG sounds good your proposal of payment, videos are not included (Those are part of my presentation to the community of what I have done) but I can do that and or interviews with key members for a podcast, which that gives me another idea for a New Proposal :wink: any activity extra counts for our project.


Ok friends, I wanted to make sure every question has been answered and doubts clarified, all the suggestions from the community will be included in the final Proposal, thanks for your input and feedback to it.

Give this proposal the opportunity to succeed.

Ignacio Figueroa


I’d be more inclined to vote Yes if videos were part of the equation. Doesn’t have to be a separate proposal. It can be included in this one. A SmartCash Spanish video blog would be an interesting proposition.


@JuicyG consider it is a deal! Let´s do it, all for this wonderful project.


You may want to amend your proposal then to include the change.


Yea sure, although I do not see a way to edit it, should I write the addition in the Comments Section or do I create a new one?


I suggest you edit the thread for now. We’ll look into adding edit features. You can leave a comment there and mention proposal was amended.


Good and thanks! I will add it.


Excelent proposal, I would like to be part of this, spreading the word.