Pre-Proposal for Twitter Header image banner for Smart Cash Campaign


Id love to run a Twitter Header Image campaign, rewarding people who adopt the header banner with 100 SMART per week for a month long campaign.

we would need a SMART Banner and people would need a way to register there wallet address so that once verified that they have the Header Banner in Place we would check weekly over the month to then work out payouts etc, it should use the same 20 follower minimum as the twitter campaigns etc.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Submit a Proposal for SmartHive (by @Hannahlicious)

Love the concept! I can assist with making you something nice and worthy, how did you want to distribute the funds?

Are you wanting to be in charge or are you suggesting this as an idea we do?

Looking forward to this either way! Sounds like a great idea.



I like it. I say give it ago.


Im to new to run it myself, but i would love to participate in anyway, from hosting the banner to even verifying user banners if that cannot be done automatically?

i was thinking that the users would need to submit a verification tweet weekly or to the forumn so they could be veted for the reward or somthing like that.


We could set it up so a user submits a profile for us to look at, as long as they have a smartcash address somewhere and the header I say thats plenty good, and you could help identify people who needs to be awarded and so on? We’ll do a weekly payout or w/e.

Sound like a plan?


Sounds like a plan, can you whip up a good banner? from memory does steemit give you banner image options ? as we do steemit publicity often as well ?


No banner for Steemit, but we’re working on the Ambassador Program for that anyways right now so should be a good start.

I’ll work on a banner, then lets throw this baby up for a vote! A month of 100 per week per person would prolly require atleast 50,000 for the month I would think… thoughts? We’d also wanna make sure to pay you a bit for the work involved in making the payment list each week.


Sounds good. Id like to check the particpant list twice per week to see that the banners appear to be there all week, before payment list is issued what do you think ? (rotating days for checking during the week)


I’d like to see a minimum requirement of followers for a payout, like the Twitter campaign. But love the idea! edited How embarassing I see it’s already in the proposal. NVM


great minds think alike


What i am still unsure of is is the price of 100 SMART is it the right amount, after all the twitter blasts give 20 SMART per blast for a maximum of 40 SMART per day? what does everyone think is the right amount of SMART ???


Great question. It’s certainly a moving target so it’s not going to be perfect but I like your proposal of 100 SMART. At the current exchange rate that’s about 2 USD. I think that’s a sweet spot, I don’t know maybe even a little more. I was thinking earlier that the community funds really need to be distributed for this project to take off.


Is it time for this to move to a Proposal ?


Yes @hockleyj it’s time :slight_smile:


Proposal is now up, @rlamasb @Decentralizd @JuicyG lets see how many people will need help with Signing Messages for the vote process, it stumped me the first time, but thanks to @slpin it all worked out.


Great @hockleyj, @hannahlicious has created a guide on how to cast a vote.

I am sure she will add it to here soon.


Ah yes great idea @rlamasb, I can make a version for the forum now so people can get help to vote :slight_smile: and I will go vote on your proposal too @hockleyj :slight_smile:


This sounds like a great idea. I have a similar suggestion for steemit! Maybe we can run this campaign along with a similar one for steemit? I would suggest though that it would be a lot better if we rewarded people based on the number of followers they have so the more follower, the more smarts they would get! I’m happy to help too and I can even make a post about the campaign for steemit and track the results by a script to see who becomes eligible and even count the number of followers they have if you want.

Let me know if what you think guys…


@hannahlicious @rlamasb i think you will both like this pre-poposal, the inspiration was due to both of your Steemit Article efforts. Pre-Proposal - Steemit Footer Banner & SmartCash Upvoting Guild


Great concept for getting the word out on social media. I think the idea could be to include a badge on your already existing twitter profile though rather than asking everyone to replace their entire profile logo … I’m thinking a badge like image that says something like … “Proud Smart Cash Community Member” or words to that effect … just my two cents … Love the rewards concept as well. Thanks for everything ya’ll are doing for us all. Respectfully, John